Ways To Keep Outdoor Cats Safe In The Winter


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The weather is getting colder and you might be worrying about the cats you see living in your neighborhood. They might be feral cats, cats who wandered away from home and got lost, strays, or abandoned cats. It doesn’t matter how they got there but no matter how resourceful these cats might be, they could all use a little help surviving the winter, especially if you live in a colder environment where it snows. Helping these kitties won’t take a lot of your time and the kitties will be ever so grateful to you for your efforts.

1. Make Sure Outdoor Cats Are Kept Warm In Winter

Almost anything can be turned into a shelter for an outdoor cat in winter as long as it offers safe refuge from the elements. You can go simple or fancy, you can buy a shelter online or at your local pet store or even make your own. Whatever you end up using, make sure its dry and well-insulated.


2. Feeding Outdoor Cats In Winter

During cold weather, outdoor cats require extra calories to stay warm. Many will have a hard time finding enough food to survive until spring. Make sure to either feed more or feed more often.


3. Trap, Neuter, Spay, Release

The winter is a great time to trap these stray cats and neuter or spay them and then release them back into the neighborhood once they have recovered.

Every spring shelters and rescues are literally swarmed with adorable baby kittens from these stray neighborhood cats who have not been spayed or neutered. Help end kitten season forever by getting stray cats neutered or spayed. This is important because a feral cats definitely serve a purpose in our neighborhoods but a stray mama cat can give birth to 24 kittens in one year and that’s a lot of cats roaming the neighborhood.


By following these steps and being in tune with the needs of the cats in your area, you can help outdoor cats survive comfortably through the cold winter months.



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