Is your house cat-proofed?

Sunday July 31st, 2011

Column how to cat proof house

Your new cat or kitten's homecoming experience can set the tone for how well, or poorly, she adjusts to her new surroundings. Taking the time to cat-proof your home will help ensure a low-stress, crisis-free transition.

Supplies you'll need

  • Cat carrier - for kitty's journey to her new home and upcoming vet visits
  • Cat collar & ID tag - if there is a chance that your kitten will spend anytime outside (even if unintentionally)
  • Litter box, kitty litter & litter scoop
  • Nutritious cat food
  • Water & food bowls
  • Scratching post
  • Cat toys
  • Cat bed

Things to do

  • Schedule a vet appointment to have your kitten examined and microchipped as soon as possible
  • Set-up your cat supplies in a quiet room that is closed off and away from other pets. This will give your cat a few days to acclimate to her new environment before exploring the rest of her domain.
  • Remove any toxic houseplants
  • Tie-up and secure electrical cords, curtain cords and blind cords
  • Remove items that are small enough for the kitten to swallow, including ribbon, string and goldfish!