animal abuse

  • Buying Is Not Rescue

    Buying Is Not Rescue

    Some think buying a puppy or kitten from a pet store is the same as rescuing it; it isn’t – in fact, doing so merely perpetuates a cycle of mill breeding and misery.

  • Sanctuary without standards

    Sanctuary without standards

    I saw the whiteboard at the city shelter, proudly declaring they had found rescues to take in nearly a thousand animals so far this year. Impressive? Certainly, but it did make me wonder — where are they all going? The shelter I work for in rural New Mexico has a policy of only routinely transferring […]

  • California man jailed for eating cats

    California man jailed for eating cats

    A California man is being held on charges of animal cruelty and eating an animal commonly kept as a pet or companion. In this instance, he’s accused of killing and eating stray cats. Jason Louis Wilmert, 36, of Oildale, was arrested after his neighbors reported screeching noises and foul smells coming from the suspect’s property. […]