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  • The Case For Indoor Cats

    The Case For Indoor Cats

    A large number of cats are allowed unsupervised access to the outdoors on a part or full-time basis, but many dangers lurk outside that can harm or kill companion animals.

  • Make veterinary visits easier for you and your cat

    Make veterinary visits easier for you and your cat

    Taking a cat to the veterinarian is probably the most unpleasant annual experience for felines and humans alike; follow these steps for a stress- and hassle-free trip.

  • Trimming your cat’s nails

    Trimming your cat’s nails

    Cats scratch. Sharpening their nails is an instinctive behavior for them. Discouraging your cat from doing so is not advisable, though it is perfectly acceptable to redirect your cat’s scratching activities away from your valuable carpeting and furniture to a more appropriate scratching post, cat tree, or other scratching device. The more your cat scratches, […]

  • Choosing a Boarding Facility

    Choosing a Boarding Facility

    Life moves quickly, and last-minute vacations, business trips, and emergencies will pop up periodically. And if you can’t take your cat with you and can’t find a cat-sitter on short notice, it’s good to have a reputable kennel on tap in case you need it. It’s not so bad In some cases, it’s easiest to […]