Japanese Bobtail Cats

  • Top 14 Most Playful Cat Breeds

    Top 14 Most Playful Cat Breeds

    Cats love to play — some more than others. Some cats love to play with anything they can get their paws on, toy or not; if they can’t find an object to bat around, then they’ll invent something to keep entertained.

  • Top 13 Pet-Friendly Cats

    Top 13 Pet-Friendly Cats

    Almost all cats are friendly with humans, but how to they get along with other family pets, especially dogs. The CatTime Cat Breed Center has several different types of cats, with a breakdown of their various characteristics. Here are 13 cats that scored the highest — five stars — for Pet friendly in the Breed […]

  • Top 16 Kid-Friendly Cat Breeds

    Top 16 Kid-Friendly Cat Breeds

    One of the key things any family needs to take into account when considering getting a pet is whether or not the animal is kid friendly.