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    10 Most Common Ways Cats Are Accidentally Poisoned

    Cats can easily be accidentally poisoned by many common things you probably have in or around your home, including plants, foods, medications, and chemicals. Here are the top accidental causes of cat poisoning that you should watch out for.

    by Mike Clark
    February 26th

    10 Natural Flea Treatments And Repellents For Cats

    There are many commercially available medications to treat and prevent fleas, but some cat parents rely on natural flea treatments for cats to avoid side effects and over-medication. Here are ten natural flea treatments and repellents that many cat lovers have found success with.

    by Mike Clark
    January 27th

    Anesthesia: Is It Safe For Cats? When Is It Necessary?

    Vets and doctors understand anesthesia better today than they did several decades ago. It’s fairly safe when administered properly with up-to-date protocols. Anesthesia still poses some risks; although, bad reactions to anesthesia rarely happen in cats, and there are ways to reduce those risks.

    by Mike Clark
    January 21st

    10 Things Your Cat Has Been Meaning To Tell You

    If cats could talk, they’d probably have a lot to say. They manage to tell us a lot without words and do a good job of getting what they want from us with their own mysterious ways of communicating. But can you imagine if they could talk like humans? Here are ten things they might say!

    by Mike Clark
    January 14th

    20 Of The Best Holiday Gifts For Cats And Cat Lovers

    Christmas, Hanukkah, and the rest of the December holidays are on the way. If you’re still looking to do your shopping for a kitty or a human cat fanatic this holiday season, then don’t worry because we’ve got you covered with some ideas for the best holiday gifts for cats and cat lovers!

    by Mike Clark
    December 7th

    Why The End Of Daylight Saving Time Drives Some Cats Berserk

    Daylight Saving Time ends on November 1st at 2:00am in 2020. Pets have a circadian rhythm — a biological clock that tells them when to eat, sleep, or exercise. When this rhythm is disrupted, it can cause a lot of anxiety. Here are some ways it can affect your cat and what you can do about it.

    by Mike Clark
    October 30th

    October 29th Is National Cat Day! Here’s What You Should Know

    National Cat Day is celebrated annually on October 29th. Of course, every day is National Cat Day at your house, so what’s the big deal? Well, this holiday is made specifically for cats, and it’s a chance to really go above and beyond to show our feline friends how much we love and appreciate them.

    by Mike Clark
    October 28th

    National Feral Cat Day: Should Feral Cats Be Tamed?

    October 16th is National Feral Cat Day, so it’s a good time to talk about these kitties and how we treat them. When it comes to feral cats, opinions vary on whether or not humans should tame them. Should feral cats be tamed? Here are a few things you should consider before you answer.

    by Mike Clark
    October 15th

    National Comic Book Day: 9 Best Feline-Themed Comic Book Characters

    National Comic Book Day is September 25th, and we want to celebrate with some of our favorite feline-themed comic book characters. We cat fans love the characters that craft their personas around powerful felines. They’re strong, agile, stealthy, and ready to save the day — or rule the world.

    by Mike Clark
    September 24th
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