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    How To Reduce Separation Anxiety In Cats

    Cats are fairly independent animals, so it may come as a surprise that separation anxiety in cats isn’t all that uncommon. Separation anxiety can be the root of many unwanted behaviors, and reducing your cat’s anxiety will keep them happier, healthier, and less destructive when you leave home.

    by Mike Clark
    August 7th

    10 Ways Your Life Will Change When You Adopt A Cat

    When you adopt a cat, especially one who’s been longing for a loving forever home, you’re welcoming a ball of fur into your life that will shape the way you live, change the way you love, and leave you a different, better person.

    by Mike Clark
    August 5th

    Rainbow Bridge Remembrance Day: 5 Ways To Memorialize Your Cat

    August 28th is Rainbow Bridge Remembrance Day–a day to celebrate the lives of the cats and other pets who touched our lives and are no longer with us. Whether or not you believe in the Rainbow Bridge, this day is a good opportunity to think about the cats that have been so special to you and to honor their memories.

    by Mike Clark
    August 2nd

    Life Hacks For Cats: 7 DIY Projects Using Pool Noodles

    Pool noodles are fun for kids enjoying a summer swim, but they’re also incredibly useful for DIY projects and creative solutions to problems around the home. If you have some pool noodles lying around, give some of these projects a try. They may make life easier or more fun for you and your cat.

    by Mike Clark
    July 19th

    Heartworm In Cats: Causes, Symptoms, And Prevention

    Heartworm disease is most common in dogs, but it can appear in cats along with more than 30 other species of animals, including humans, though it is rare. While heartworm disease can appear in cats, it is different than the way it appears in dogs.

    by Mike Clark
    July 11th

    10 Foods And Supplements That Can Help Cats With Arthritis Pain

    Diet is especially important for cats with arthritis, as excess body fat can put more strain on joints and bones. You should always consult your vet before making changes to your cat’s diet. Discuss these foods and supplements that can help cats deal with the pain of arthritis naturally.

    by Mike Clark
    July 10th

    7 Dream Jobs For Cat Lovers

    Some people love cats so much that they make a career out of their feline affinity. If you absolutely can’t get enough kitties, there are plenty of jobs out there that can help you get your cat fix. Here are seven dream jobs for people who adore cats.

    by Mike Clark
    July 2nd

    30 Cats Who Are Loving The Summer Heat [PICTURES]

    Most cats love summer. It’s a great time to get out and nap at the beach, nap in the yard, or nap on the boat. Some people call these the dog days of summer, but we prefer to think of them as the cat days. These cats are loving the heat!

    by Mike Clark
    June 28th

    10 Natural Remedies For Cats With Seasonal Allergies

    If your cat suffers seasonal allergies and you want to use natural remedies instead of steroids or medications, there are several options available that might help your kitty. Here are ten natural remedies for cats that can help provide relief from seasonal allergies.

    by Mike Clark
    June 26th

    How Are Cats Liquid? [WITH PICTURES]

    Of course, cats are not actually liquid–but if they are really solid, how do they move, contort, and manipulate their bodies in ways that seem so odd to us humans? Here’s how cats can fit into just about anything.

    by Mike Clark
    June 24th

    6 Things Cats Love More Than Food

    There are few things in this world that cats love more than food. Even feral cats who have no desire to interact with humans usually won’t turn down a free meal. For something to grab a kitty’s attention over filling their belly, it has to be pretty important.

    by Mike Clark
    June 20th

    Cataracts In Cats: Symptoms, Causes, And Treatments

    If you’ve noticed a change in your cat’s eye color or their vision seems impaired, you may suspect cataracts of being the cause. Cataracts are sometimes viewed as a condition that only affects the eyes of seniors, but this is not the case with cats.

    by Mike Clark
    June 19th

    7 Ways Kids Can Bond With Their Cats This Summer

    Now that summer vacation has begun, your kids are probably going to have more time to spend at home bonding with their cats. There are also plenty of activities to do with cats that will fight boredom, burn off excess energy, and stay busy during the summer months.

    by Mike Clark
    June 13th
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