Stephanie Dube Dwilson

    How To Get Your Cat To Take A Pill

    Have you ever tried to get your cat to take a pill, only to have them immediately spit it out on the floor, right in front of your feet? By following a few simple tips and tricks, you might make pill time a lot less traumatic for both of you.

    by Stephanie Dube Dwilson
    July 24th

    Safe Ways To Help Your Cat Lose Weight

    Being overweight can be detrimental to a cat’s health. But, just like crash dieting is a bad idea for people, it’s a really bad idea for cats. If you want to help your kitty lose weight, follow these tips to make sure you’re doing it safely.

    by Stephanie Dube Dwilson
    July 13th

    Why Has My Cat Stopped Self-Grooming?

    On average, cats clean themselves during half of their waking hours. So if your cat has suddenly stopped self-grooming, this can be a sign that something is very wrong, and they may need to go to the vet right away. Here’s what you should know.

    by Stephanie Dube Dwilson
    June 4th

    How To Groom And Care For A Long-Haired Cat

    Long-haired cats with their luxuriously soft fur and beautiful appearance can be a joy to own. But they also require a little more attention in the grooming department. You’ll need to be prepared to brush them frequently and keep mats from forming.

    by Stephanie Dube Dwilson
    April 8th
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