Virginia Gibble

    How Does Catnip Get Cats High? [VIDEO]

    Why do cats love catnip? Can other animals get high from catnip? Why do cats go so crazy for this stuff? Is it really a drug? Why are 20-30% of cats immune to it? Does it work on humans? Watch and learn!

    by Virginia Gibble
    February 2nd, 2018

    25 Cats Who Are Celebrating Easter

    Gallery: A selection of more than two dozen adorable cats and kittens, including Bengals, Ragdolls, and Sphynxes, who are ready to celebrate Easter with eggs and bunnies.

    by Virginia Gibble
    March 21st, 2016

    Sad Cat Diary [VIDEO]

    The Sad Cat Diary is funny no matter how many times you’ve seen it and especially if you’ve never seen it before.

    by Virginia Gibble
    March 9th, 2016
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