Cat Accessories

Various cat items including carriers, scratching posts, and feeding bowls:

Bergan Signature Series Comfort Carrier Coral Pet Carrier

Your cat can travel in style in this cool coral carrier. Lightweight with flexible padded sides and a padded shoulder strap, kitty can curl up in comfort on the removable, washable fleece travel bed. The large carrier is roomy with lots of mesh for ventilation and a safety belt loop for securing the carrier with a seatbelt. The Comfort Carrier can accommodate pets up to 22 pounds, is compliant with most airlines, and measures 20″ L X 9″ W X 14″ H.

Petco Food Bowls

Attention hep cats: It’s hip to be round with serving-ware in cool, eye-catching colors. Designed with both form and function in mind, these food bowls feature a non-slip rim, helping to prevent unwanted spillage. Sleek lines define the look, perhaps enticing even the most finicky felines to indulge in an otherwise ordinary meal.

Petco Puffy Round Cat Bed in Chocolate Brown

This super soft cat bed gives kitty wall-to-wall comfort with its puffy pillow sides and plush interior. A great place for Socks to cuddle-up for a cat nap or just relax and plan his next expedition. The Puffy Round Cat Bed is stuffed with fluffy fiberfill, has a soft micro fiber outer shell, and is completely machine washable. The rich chocolate brown color blends in nicely with any room décor.

Petlinks System Mix N Scratch Ramp

One of the most challenging facets of cat ownership is getting her to use to a scratching post instead of the furniture or drapes to sharpen her claws. So when she takes to a scratching post it’s almost cause for celebration. The Mix N Scratch Ramp’s unique design accommodates your feline’s natural scratching stance, and the different clawing surfaces that can be swapped out will keep her perpetually interested (refill scratching surfaces cost $9.99 each). The ramp also includes organic catnip to help attract your cat.

Soft Claws

Soft Claws are tiny vinyl caps that adhere over your cats nails; this is designed to help solve scratching issues. These fashionable caps come in a wide variety of colors and make your cats nails look like they just had a salon manicure. Applying Soft Claws is designed to be easy; simply trim nails, fill the caps with adhesive, extend your cats nails and slip the cap over the nail. You then need to keep an eye on or distract your cat for the next five minutes or so while the adhesive dries. Caps typically last for 4-6 weeks and will fall off with the natural growth process of your cat’s nails.