Cat Accessories: 7 Essentials That Every Cat Owner Should Have

Cat being adopted

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If you’re about to adopt a cat, you’ll need to be prepared before bringing your new fluffball home and make sure you’ve kitted out your abode with a number of essential feline accessories.

There are certain products that no cat owner should go without. Whether you’re new to cat ownership or an experienced feline parent, you’ll need to stock up on a few products for your kitty’s benefit–and your own!

Here are seven vital cat accessories you can order for your favorite feline right now.

1. Cat Carrier

Cat carrier

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First of all, you’re going to need a carrier to transport your cat, whether you’re bringing them home for the first time, visiting the vet, or taking trips outside the house.

Hard or soft shell carriers are the main options. The plastic carrier above has two doors to make it easier to get your feline in and out.

Pro tip: Make sure you get a carrier big enough for your cat to comfortably sit inside of.

You can buy it on Amazon here!

2. Food And Water Bowls

Cat bowl

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Your cat is obviously going to need something to eat their food out of, and this double dish for food and water comes in a range of snappy colors.

It also includes an upturned edge to help prevent spillages, so you can keep your kitchen a little cleaner.

You can buy it on Amazon here!

3. Cat Bed

banana shaped pet bed

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Ensure your cat feels warm and safe in their forever home by placing a cat bed somewhere around the house.

This banana-themed bed will perk up any room, and your cat will love it!

You can buy it on Amazon here!

4. Cat Scratcher

Cat scratcher

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Cats have claws, and they need to scratch. It’s important not just for their happiness, but for their health and well-being.

Help protect your couch with a smart cardboard-based scratcher that comes with some bonus catnip.

You can buy it on Amazon here!

5. Cat Toys

Cat toy

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You’ll definitely want to provide toys to stimulate your feline.

The Cat Dancer line is classic! Start out with the rainbow cat charmer and twirl your way through those first few play sessions.

You can buy it on Amazon here!

6. Cat Treats

Cat treats

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You can help your cat get accustomed to a fresh environment by rewarding them with treats. Don’t go overboard, and ask your vet if your kitty needs to be on a special diet first.

The Feline Greenies brand is quite popular as these treats also come with dental benefits.

You can buy them on Amazon here!

7. Litter Box

Litter box

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Finally, there’s no avoiding the fact that your cat is going to need to poop and pee. A litter box is a must!

Keep it basic to start with and try out this large-rimmed litter pan from the smell control scientists over at Arm & Hammer.

You can buy it on Amazon here!

What other kinds of cat accessories should every cat owner have? Let us know in the comments below!

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