Shot of a young woman working on her computer from home while her cat looks on

What Would Happen If You Brought Your Cat To Work For The Day?

Hey cat lovers, Friday June 22nd is Take Your Dog To Work Day. The holiday began back in 1999 and was initially launched as a way to both encourage canine adoption and also showcase the bond between dogs and humans. Now we celebrate Take Your Pet To Work Week June 18th to the 22nd with a focus on cats on Monday June 18th and Dogs on Friday June 22nd.

That’s all well and good, but we are going to focus on cats because we love cats, right? It’s probably not the best idea to take your cat to work since most cats are shy and don’t travel well and most offices aren’t set up for a cat. Not to mention all the other crazy things that would happen.

Let’s take a minute to imagine the shenanigans that would happen if you actually attempted to take your cat to work.

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First up, productivity would plummet. Not only are cats fond of napping for 90% of the average working day, but they also have a strange attraction to keyboards and computers. So forget doing anything that involves typing — the closest you’ll get to your keyboard is petting the cat that’s snoozing on it.

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Secondly, bringing your cat to the office will play havoc with any shipping and stationery supplies you have. Planning to use some cardboard to package up something for a client? Think again — there’s now a cat sitting in the box. And you won’t get it back.

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Have an important business meeting coming up later in the day? Pack a lint roller. Because nothing impresses during a meeting like turning up in a smart outfit that’s covered in cat hair.

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Decide to take a coffee or water cooler break? Nope, that’s not happening either as you’ll be dutifully followed and pestered by your favorite furball who is convinced there’s a supply of cat treats in the office kitchen area.

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When it comes to clocking off time and you’re getting ready to high tail it out of the office and head to happy hour or home, you’ll be pleased to know that your cat has other ideas and will likely be hiding as soon as you pull out the cat carrier for her commute.

So stay smart when Take Your Dog To Work Day and Take Your Pet To Work Week comes around and leave your cat at home.


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