International Cat Day: 30 Pictures Of A Day In The Life Of A Cat To Celebrate!

cats with addiction to technology will be treated in specialist clinics in the future.

(Picture Credit: fotodrobik/Getty Images)

August 8th is International Cat Day! It’s a day for us to celebrate cats all over the world. If there’s one thing that can unite us no matter where we’re from, it’s our love of cats!

From dishing out boops, to raiding the catnip stash, to defying gravity, a cat’s day is very busy. Cats have a reputation for being lazy nappers, but they have plenty of other stuff to do with their time.

This special day is a perfect time to celebrate the daily duties of our feline companions. Here are 30 pictures that show what cats get up to in an average busy cat day.

A Day In The Life Of Cats For International Cat Day

All over the planet, people love cats. In fact, they’re the second most popular pet in the world after fish — even more popular than dogs.

There are over 74 million pet cats in the United States alone. That’s a whole lot of snuggles, head bonks, and soothing purrs going on all the time. If anything is worth celebrating across the globe, it’s our cats!

If your kitty has a daily routine, do something special for them on International Cat Day. Give them a yummy treat or a nice new toy — maybe even a puzzle toy that hides treats! Breaking up the monotony of their day might reduce their boredom and unwanted behaviors. Plus, it’s a nice thing to do for your favorite feline.

What else does your cat do every day? How are you celebrating International Cat Day? Let us know in the comments below!