Six Signs Your Cat Loves Your Cat Sitter For Professional Pet Sitters Week

Stephanie Dube Dwilson

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Professional Pet Sitters Week is coming up (March 5th – 11th) and we wanted to pay tribute to all those wonderful pet sitters out there who take such wonderful care of our amazing cats when we are out of town!

We know you love your cat sitter or you wouldn’t have hired them, but how do you know if your cat loves the pet sitter you picked? Here are a few “fur sure” signs that you found the perfect sitter for your furry companion.

1. Your Cat Was Eating While You Were Gone

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Cats don’t “stress eat” like humans do. In fact, unhappy cats have been known to stop eating altogether for a brief period of time. So if your pet sitter is refilling the food dish consistently and you come home to find the food dishes are empty and your cat’s not hungry, then your cat was likely feeling pretty content and happy with your choice. (By the way, if want to check in on your cats while you’re out town, read about these great and inexpensive video cameras for your home.)

2. Cat Toys Are All Over The Floor

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Depressed cats can lose energy and not really be interested in “playing.” (Of course, don’t get this mixed up with a cat’s need to sometimes sleep 12 to 16 hours a day!) If you get home to find your cat’s toys aren’t where you left them, but they’re scattered all over the floor, this means that your cats were happily playing while you were gone. It could also mean that your pet sitter got out the toys and played with your cats! Either way, it’s a great sign.

3. Your Cats Greet Your Pet Sitter The Moment She Walks In The Door

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Ever try introducing your cat to someone new? Some cat owners get the rare pet who wants to greet absolutely everyone who walks in the door. But for most cat owners, their cats are a little shy with newcomers and may even still be shy after you friend has visited for the fourth time in a row. If your cats don’t rush to be petted by your cat sitter, don’t take that as a bad sign. But if they do approach your sitter as soon as he or she walks in the door, that’s an indication that your cats love your new hire.

4. Your House Isn’t In Shambles When You Return

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Bored cats can react similarly to bored dogs – they act out. A sign of a bored pet is coming home to find your belongings strewn all over the floor, deep scratches in your favorite furniture, and pee spots on your bed and clothes. If you come home and your house isn’t in shambles, then your pet sitter has been doing a great job with the kitties.

5. Your Pet Sitter Sends You Pictures Of Your Cats With Their Tails In The Air

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Cat language isn’t that tough to interpret once you figure it out. One sign of a happy cat is when she walks around with her tail held high or even crooked a little at the top. If your pet sitter sends you photos of your cats while you’re gone and their tails are up in the air, then you’ve got some very happy cats. If your cats greet you this way when you come home from your vacation, it means that they’re not stressed and feel relaxed and content.

6. Your Cats Purr And “Head Bump” The Pet Sitter

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When picking a pet sitter, it’s usually good to have a little “meet and greet” visit first. And after you return from a vacation, your pet sitter will stop by the house to return the keys and do a follow-up visit. Watch your cats’ reactions around the sitter at any of these times. Do your cats purr when the sitter pets them? Do they give the sitter head bumps or rub against his legs? These are signs that your cat loves her new friend.

If your cat loves your pet sitter, Professional Pet Sitter’s week is a great time to send them a little note or photo of you cat saying thank you! Let them know that you really do appreciate the love and care that they give to your kitty when you are out of town or working long hours.

Other ways you can let your pet sitter know you appreciate them: Refer a friend! Write a nice review online, let the world know how wonderful they are. This will help them book more jobs. Stay in contact, send a photo of your cat to their favorite sitter now and then, and don’t forget them on your holiday card list!


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