30 Happy Smiling Cats For Happy Cat Month [PICTURE GALLERY]

September is Happy Cat Month.

Time to reflect….

What is your cat doing right this minute?

Napping? Grooming? Eating? Playing?

What does it take to have a happy cat? Well first of all you want your cat to be healthy. If your cat doesn’t feel well or is having health issues, your cat is definitely not happy so it’s a great time to go to the vet for a check up. Get those teeth looked at. Poor teeth can cause many other health issues in cats. Is your cat a healthy weight? If your cat is a bit tubby, it is definitely time to incorporate more exercise and less food or maybe change your cat’s food. Is your cat bored? Indoor cats need fun toys and activities. Consider building a catio!

Here are 30 images of happy kitties for Happy Cat Month!

Happy Cat Month is a time to assess your cat’s life: Is your cat happy? Is your cat healthy? Is there anything you, as a pet parent, could be doing better?

Cats give us so much joy and companionship, the least we can do in return is to give them a happy and healthy life. Think of three things you can do this month to make your cat’s life better and do them! Your cat will thank you.

For tips on having a happy cat please see the link below.

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