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  • Square_100_focused-kitty

    by DogTime on October 29th, 2014

    Video: Amazing footage of a cat sitting by a window, staring at something over her head, but nothing can break her hypnotic gaze or her attention, despite some human prodding.

  • Square_100_walking-for-pets

    by DogTime on October 28th, 2014

    Don’t have the time to foster or adopt a pet, but want to help those in need? Here’s how to make a donation to shelters and rescues (and it doesn’t cost anything).

  • Square_100_why-do-black-dogs-and-cats-have-a-hard-time-getting-adopted

    September 14th, 2010

    Black dogs and cats get a bad rap because of their fur color: Superstition is a key reason for this, but it often results in these animals being overlooked at animal shelters.

  • Square_100_katleidoscope

    by DogTime on October 27th, 2014

    Video: Thanks to a convenient mirror, a black-and white cat gets a whole new look, with images that the animal’s owner calls the Katleidoscope — take a look.

  • Square_100_funny-cat-picture

    by DogTime on October 23rd, 2014

    Gallery: More than two dozen cats and kittens in a variety of hilarious positions — squeezing under fences, dangling from ropes, playing with felines, and more.

  • Square_100_what-is-a-theremin

    by DogTime on October 22nd, 2014

    Video: A curious cat plays with a theremin — a “proximity instrument” developed in the Soviet Union — with hilarious results; take a look at the funny video.

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