7 Reasons Your Cat Thinks Christmas Is 100 Percent About Them

While things like gingerbread cookies, presents, and holiday music may make us humans feel festive, there are certain aspects of Christmas that may have your cat thinking this holiday is solely about them. Here’s why your cat believes Christmas is all about celebrating their feline glory.

by Maggie Clancy
December 23rd

The Myth Of The Solitary Cat: True Or Busted?

The solitary cat myth persists despite stories of cats following their humans to the bathroom, pushing their way onto their people’s computers or laps, spooning under the covers at night, snuggling with each other, or grooming their friends. So what’s the deal? Why does it persist, and is it deserved?

by CatTime
October 18th

Black Cats: Halloween Hazards, Motivating Myths

Black cats have never had it easy. In some cultures — and for many individuals — they represent bad luck or misfortune. Perhaps most disturbingly, black cats are also sometimes targeted around Halloween for teasing and abuse — or worse.

by CatTime
October 4th
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