The Myth Of The Solitary Cat: True Or Busted?

The solitary cat myth persists despite stories of cats following their humans to the bathroom, pushing their way onto their people’s computers or laps, spooning under the covers at night, snuggling with each other, or grooming their friends. So what’s the deal? Why does it persist, and is it deserved?

by CatTime
October 18th

Black Cats: Halloween Hazards, Motivating Myths

Black cats have never had it easy. In some cultures — and for many individuals — they represent bad luck or misfortune. Perhaps most disturbingly, black cats are also sometimes targeted around Halloween for teasing and abuse — or worse.

by CatTime
October 4th

Black Cat Syndrome: Why Black Cats Can Have A Harder Time Getting Adopted

Just like black dogs, black cats can also have a hard time getting adopted. Many shelters refer to this as “black cat syndrome.” During Black Cat Awareness Month in October, it’s especially important that we dispel myths and encourage people to adopt black cats.

by Michele C. Hollow
October 1st

10 Cute Cats Enjoying The Fall Season [PICTURES]

If your cat is an indoor cat, they’ve probably sat at that window and looked at the trees. If your cat is more of an outdoor stroller, they’ve likely sauntered through your yard and neighborhood and noted all the pretty colors — and probably even climbed a tree or two. Here are some cats who love fall!

by Julia
September 21st

How To Tell If It’s Time To Get A New Litter Box

How often you replace your cat’s litter box depends on a few factors, like the litter box’s material, how often you clean it, and how many cats are using said litter box. Here’s how to determine when and how frequently you should be replacing your cat’s litter box.

by Maggie Clancy
September 15th

7 Ways To Keep Cat Litter From Tracking Everywhere

Feeling tiny bits of litter sand between your toes whenever you’re barefoot in the home kind of comes with the cat parenting package. Fortunately, there are ways you can help your messy kitty keep their litter in the box and not scattered all around it and your home.

by Maggie Clancy
September 9th

5 Ways To Help A Cat Who’s Lonely But Hates Other Cats

What’s a person to do when their lonely cat would definitely benefit from some social interaction but is hellbent on being a rebel loner? Here are a few tips to help slowly but safely introduce your lonely cat to the idea of socialization and other boredom-busters.

by Maggie Clancy
September 8th

How To Give Your Cat The Best Massage Ever

We all know the benefits of getting massages as humans. It can be incredibly relaxing and can help lower blood pressure, improve circulation, soothe sore joints, and more. Turns out, these benefits of massage aren’t exclusive to humans; they are amazing for cats, too!

by Maggie Clancy
September 7th

10 Ways Your Life Will Change When You Adopt A Cat

When you adopt a cat, especially one who’s been longing for a loving forever home, you’re welcoming a ball of fur into your life that will shape the way you live, change the way you love, and leave you a different, better person.

by Mike Clark
August 25th
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