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10 Best TV Commercials Featuring Cats

Cats have often been an integral part of pop culture. Over the years, we’ve seen several movies, comics, and TV shows featuring adorable feline characters who’ve entered the zeitgeist.

Despite often portrayed as cunning, aloof, and lazy, cats have managed to transcend these stereotypical representations and sneak into our hearts with their adorably snobbish and goofy nature. While we all remember the iconic cats from movies and cartoons, these furry companions are always a big hit in ads and TV commercials. Let’s take a look at some of the most memorable ads featuring cats:

“Walter the Cat” (Chevrolet, 2021)

One of the coolest commercials in recent years, Chevrolet’s ad for Silverado features a brown tabby cat that overshadows the brand’s gigantic truck with its adorable antics. Walter is a lively cat who loves playing with tennis balls and chasing other cats.

Towards the end, we see him diving into a lake to fetch a stick while a nearby fisherman says, “That’s incredible!” The owner mistakenly thinks he is talking about his multi-flex tailgate and goes on to explain its features. However, the fisherman clarifies that he was talking about the cat, baffling the owner.

“The jealous cat” (Wells Fargo, 2019)

Next on the list is Wells Fargo‘s 2019 commercial. It features a woman who receives a message alert from the company that she’s purchased something from “Doggy lover’s warehouse.” Upon hearing this, her cat becomes jealous and walks away in anger. However, the transaction turns out to be fraudulent, and Wells Fargo reverses it.

“Cats with thumbs” (Cravendale, 2011)

Arguably one of the funniest cat commercials ever made, Cravendale’s iconic “Cats with Thumbs” ad became an instant internet phenomenon back in 2011. Turning an ordinary product like milk into an exciting one is no easy task.

It features an army of cats with opposable thumbs breaking into a home to steal milk. The commercial received widespread critical acclaim and was voted ITV’s Ad of the Year by 8,000 viewers.

Taylor Swift’s grumpy cats (DirecTV Now, 2018)

Taylor Swift‘s beloved cats, Meredith Grey and Olivia Benson, feature in this quirky commercial for DirecTV. It opens with Swift returning to her dressing room after a performance and greeting her grumpy feline friends.

Her cats, who can talk in the commercial, complain that they were bored and had nothing to do while she was away. They’re furious with her for putting on a cartoon for them, saying, “We’re not children, Taylor, we’re cats.” And just as they start breaking things in anger, Swift distracts them by putting on their favorite channel.

“Laser cats” (Go Pro, 2012)

GoPro’s simple but effective commercial shows three adorable cats frantically chasing a laser pointer. The tense music and sudden cuts further elevate the experience as the ad ends with the tagline, “GoProp, Be a Hero.”

“Feels good inside” (Toyota Corolla, 2012)

A slightly darker choice, Toyota New Zealand’s gripping commercial features a gorgeous Persian cat who endures a series of mishaps. The cat hates riding in a car carrier, but an unfortunate event unfolds every time they leave the car.

At one point, they jump onto a dog and get severely injured. The cat ultimately meets with an accident, and as their parents mourn at the graveyard, they miraculously wake up to return home with them in their Toyota Corolla.

“Be more dog” (O2, 2013)

Britain’s telecom company, O2, came up with one of the most interesting and thought-provoking ads of the last decade. It features a lazy cat who seems unenthusiastic about life. However, one day, a life-changing realization dawns on them: “Why be so cat? Why not be a bit more dog?” The cat then goes out, starts running around and playing with a tennis ball like a dog. As it ends with the cat becoming friends with dogs and playing with them, the ad almost feels like a love letter to pet lovers.

“Don’t judge too quickly” (Ameriquest Mortgage, 2005)

In this hilarious commercial from Ameriquest Mortgage, a man returns home from work and starts preparing dinner for someone special. His fluffy white cat then jumps onto the kitchen counter and spills a pan of tomato sauce. To make things worse, his girlfriend walks in just at the wrong time as she sees him holding the cat in one hand with a knife in the other. The company’s theme for the ad was, “Don’t judge too quickly. We won’t.”

“Cat” (Mercedez Benz CLA, 2014)

Unlike most car commercials, which tend to be flashy and over-the-top, this 2014 Mercedez-Benz ad simply features a cat sleeping on the hood of the car, with a funny “meow” serving as the background score. A gust of wind pushes the cat across without them realizing it. The cat wakes up only after they fall off the car. The idea behind the ad was to demonstrate Mercedez-Benz CLA’s unique aerodynamic qualities.

“Welcome to the vet” (Specsavers, 2017)

One of the most popular ads in the UK, Specsavers’ 2017 commercial is one that’ll literally have you rolling on the floor laughing. It shows a vet preparing to examine a cat. He begins his check-up using a thermometer and a stethoscope but soon finds out there is no pulse and calls his assistant, Karen, for help. Karen quickly arrives but realizes that the shortsighted vet mistook her fur hat for the cat. As she leaves with her hat, the actual cat puzzlingly stares at the doctor from across the table.

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