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10 Of The Greatest Songs About Cats Ever Made

I know it’s hard to think of a time before the internet, but there was. And it may surprise some youngsters to know that cats were just as pervasive in pop culture way back then as they are now. Here are some of the greatest older–and newer–cat songs of all time.

by Maggie Clancy
September 17th

The 5 Best Cat Videos You Need To Watch For August

Sometimes the sheer amount of social media feline footage can seem overwhelming, right? That’s where CatTime steps up and presents to you the five best cat videos you need to watch each and every month. Here are August’s essential kitty flicks.

by Phillip Mlynar
August 23rd

5 Hilarious Videos Of Cats Versus Fish Tanks!

August is a banner month for fish-related hashtag holidays. Not only is it officially recognized as Catfish Month, but it’s also celebrated as Fishing Month. So let’s dig into five excellent YouTube videos that spotlight domestic cats trying their best to battle and interact with fish tanks.

by Phillip Mlynar
August 19th

The 5 Best Cat Videos You Need To Watch For July

Wouldn’t it be great if someone could do all the legwork and send you over a digest of the five most essential cat videos of the month? That’s exactly what CatTime’s monthly cat video round up does! Here are July’s five must watch cat videos.

by Phillip Mlynar
July 18th

Cat Videos: The 7 Best YouTube Cat Videos Of All Time!

There are very few people who can resist the lure of tuning in to a good cat video. That might be why some cat videos are so ridiculously popular on YouTube! Here’s a roundup of the greatest YouTube cat videos of all time, which we’ve compiled using the platform’s total view counts.

by CatTime
June 12th

The 5 Best Cat Videos You Need To Watch For June

Social media is packed with more cat videos than you could ever physically find the time to watch, so let CatTime guide you through the five most essential feline flicks you need to watch this month! Read on to start digging into June’s cutest and funniest cat videos.

by Phillip Mlynar
June 11th

Top 13 Naturally Pet-Friendly Cat Breeds

If you want to have a multi-species household, pet friendliness may be something you’re looking for in a new cat. Some breeds are naturally more pet friendly than others. That’s why we’ve come up with a list of the most naturally pet-friendly cat breeds.

by CatTime
June 4th

Cat Facts: Celebrating Our Favorite Feline Facts

As unique as they are, cats also boast an exceptional set of characteristics that set them apart from every other species on the planet, including other domesticated animals. What makes them so special? Check out our top ten favorite feline facts to find out!

by CatTime
June 4th

The 5 Best Cat Videos You Need To Watch For May

CatTime searches the internet and selects the five most essential cat videos of the month so you don’t have to! May’s best cat videos include kittens in Tupperware containers, outdoor adventure cats, and kitties spinning around in circles.

by Phillip Mlynar
May 13th

10 Best Cat Mamas For Mother’s Day [VIDEOS]

Mama cats are there from the very beginning, from nursing their kittens to teaching them how to play, stay safe, and develop their natural cat instincts. In honor of Mother’s Day, here are ten videos of mama cats and their kittens.

by sarah Greenwald
May 6th

The 5 Best Cat Videos You Need To Watch For April

Every month here at CatTime, we sift through the huge mountain of cat clips and spotlight the five most essential videos. This round up of April’s best and funniest cat videos includes cats snuggling, cats being lazy, cats taking baths, and cats battling eggs!

by Phillip Mlynar
April 24th

The Top 10 Smartest Cat Breeds In The World

Cats are good at figuring things out for themselves. They’re naturally curious, great explorers, and good at making a toy out of anything. If you’re not careful, your cat might outsmart you sometimes. Here are ten of the smartest cat breeds in the world.

by Mike Clark
April 12th
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