A coyote is caught on camera prowling a residential neighbourhood at night. Photographed in eastern Ontario, Canada.
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Cat Manages To Fight Off Coyote Attack On Porch In Texas [VIDEO]

Video footage captured in Texas that has started to go viral shows a brave and street smart cat successfully fighting off a coyote.

The incident took place at around two in the morning. After the coyote approached the kitty on a backyard deck, an initial kerfuffle took place. The cat caused the coyote to back off thanks to a flurry of high-speed paw swats.

As the coyote attempted to come back for a second attack, the cat sprang out of their hiding place under an outdoor deck chair and once again warded off the coyote.

The plucky feline eventually scampered up a wooden patio pole and hid out of reach until the predator finally left the scene.

Another Recent Cat Versus Coyote Situation

This isn’t the first time a feline has had cause to fight off a coyote in recent times.

Back in May 2021, police officers in Canada witnessed a cat valiantly fighting off a coyote from a parking lot. The officers followed the coyote out of the area, and when they returned to the parking lot, the cat was still there, keeping it coyote-free.

You can read more about this earlier incident here.

Safety Reasons To Keep Your Cat Indoors

(Picture Credit: Pixel-Productions/Getty Images)

While the Texas cat in the video that’s currently trending managed to successfully fight off a predatory coyote, it’s still smarter to keep your cat as an indoor-only kitty for their own health and safety.

Here’s a quick reminder of some of the reasons that indoor cats lead safer lives than outdoor felines:

  • Indoor cats avoid running into dogs, wild predators, and other animals that might harm them.
  • They do not face the risk of being hit by moving vehicles.
  • They’re less likely to be targets of humans looking to steal cats for awful purposes, such as using cats as bait in dog fighting rings.
  • Indoor cats are less likely to suffer exposure to environmental toxins and poisons.

What do you think about the courageous cat who fought off a coyote? Do you prefer to keep your own cat as an indoor kitty so they don’t have to face dangerous animals? Tell us all about it in the comments section below!

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