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Need help re-homing a cat currently in your care?

Unfortunately, CatTime is not a shelter, and we don’t house cats on the premises.

If you’re no longer able to care for your pet, and you’ve asked friends and family for help, contact your local humane society or SPCA. Remember, it is NEVER okay to abandon an animal.

Need advice for a specific health problem or behavioral issue?

We are animal lovers, not professional veterinarians, and though we have articles that feature expert advice, we do not know your individual pet or their specific needs. Therefore, we strongly encourage you to contact your veterinarian or professional trainer.

Check out our comprehensive cat health library for general information, but do not treat our articles as a substitute for the expert care your personal vet can give.

Want to list your shelter’s cat on CatTime?

Our list of adoptable animals comes from PetFinder, an organization that aggregates this information from many different shelters and rescue groups.

For more information about or to find out how to list your shelter’s adoptable animals, click here.

Interested in adopting a cat you saw on this site?

Please directly contact the shelter or rescue group listed on the cat’s adoption page.

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