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The Best Cat Shampoos

Cats notoriously despise water. Thankfully, they bathe themselves on a regular basis so you usually don't have to. But of course, there are some exceptions and situations where you may need to wash your feline friend. Whether you're bringing in a new kitten that needs to be rid of fleas, own a cat that has developed dandruff or skin irritation, or your fluff ball simply got out and came home covered in dirt, there's a shampoo for you. In order to find the best cat shampoo, we asked ourselves a few questions first: Does this shampoo help control ticks or fleas? How is the scent of this shampoo? Is it a dry or wet shampoo? Our top pick was the Adams Plus Flea and Tick Shampoo. It helps to control pests like ticks and fleas, features a gentle fresh scent, and is a wet shampoo, so it will also give a deeper clean as opposed to dry shampoo. But if you're looking for something that offers a standard cleanse without the mess of water, we suggest the Burt's Bees Cat Waterless Shampoo. This shampoo nourishes as it cleanses and is free of fragrance. Keep reading for more in-depth reviews of our favorite shampoos for your cat.

The Best Cat Bathing Bags

Bathing your cat is no easy feat. Most cats avoid water like the black plague, so when it comes time to get them clean, chances are good they won’t be too thrilled. All it takes is one experience of bathing your cat to learn that you need some tools to help you out for your next attempt. We have found just the thing for you: cat bathing bags. By gently constraining them during bathtime or grooming, these not only help keep your cat safe, but also yourself safe as you get your favorite little critter clean. In order to find the best cat bathing bag, we took a look at a few different factors. First, you want the bag to protect you from scratches. Second, you want the bag to be safe for your cat. And third, you want something convenient. There is no need for an elaborate contraption to get your cat clean. Our favorite cat bathing bag was the CatYou grooming bag, which is made of a soft mesh that keeps your cat comfortable. However, it doesn’t have a handle to help you hold up your cat while bathing or grooming like the Cinf Store, which was another option we love. Read below to get the scoop on the rest of our picks and why each of them made our top list.

The Best Stainless Steel Cat Water Fountains

We all want our cats to be happy and healthy, which is why we try to ensure that their drinking water is always fresh. One of the easiest ways to do that is with a stainless steel cat water fountain. This simple device keeps water moving to slow the growth of nasty bacteria that would otherwise threaten the health of our cats. It's clearly a powerful product, so we decided to find the best of the best. In our search, we considered four important questions: Is it effective at keeping water fresh? Is it low-noise to help our nervous kitties relax while they drink? Is it easy to clean and maintain? Is the price fair? The fountain that bubbled to the top was the option from ORSDA, which proved super easy to clean and came at the right price. We also loved how quiet it was while operating, so our timid cats felt at ease. But if you want a really affordable option, we recommend the fountain from Wonder Creature. With three filters, a splash mat, and even some cleaning brushes, this option offered the best bang for our buck. There's a lot to consider, so read on for more of our in-depth reviews.

The Best Natural Cat Litter

Between the debris, the mess, and the stink, finding the right blend of kitty litter for your beloved little feline can be a tough task. Most cat owners prefer natural options for peace of mind. After all, our cats should answer the call of the wild on kitty litter that's derived from and unharmful to the earth. That's why we decided to find the best natural cat litters on the market. In our search for the best, we considered three main questions: Is it made out of wholesome, natural components? Is the price reasonable for our budgets? Is the composition effective for soaking up pee and sticking to poo?

The Best Cat Litter Scoop Holders

Keeping your cat's litterbox clean and tidy is imperative. One of the best ways to do this is to get a high-quality litter scoop holder. Litter scoop holders provide cat owners with a hygienic and safe place to store their cat litter scooper, rather than putting it in the "line of fire" inside the litterbox or nearby on the floor. They're a handy accessory for cat owners, so we decided to find the best of the best. In our search for the best cat litter scoop holders, we considered three main qualities: a durable design that's easy to clean, a size that fits our scoops without taking up too much space, and a price that's fair. Our favorite was the holder from iPrimio, which has a cute look and a universal design. It was also one of the easiest to clean since the smooth inner walls wipe off easily in the sink. It's not expensive, but it's not cheap, either. That's why we were thrilled to find the budget-friendly option offered by Nature's Miracle, which did the job well without breaking the bank. Clearly, there's a lot to be said about cat litter scoop holders. Read on for more of our in-depth reviews.

The Best Cat Litter Houses

Cats are wonderful pets. On the one hand, they're fun to play with and have tons of personality. On the other, they're usually independent. The only drawback? Litter boxes. They're ugly, stinky, and take up space you could use for more important furniture or storage pieces. That's why we turn to cat litter houses. They provide you with a convenient place to put your kitty's litter boxes while covering up the smell and look. While searching for the right litter houses, we wanted to make sure we gave special attention to a few key details. Those include the size of each box, how well they can hold in odors, and how easy they are to assemble. For example, the Pawland litter house is effortless to put together, and it does a fantastic job of covering up smells. However, it isn't as large as the Best Choice large litter enclosure, which is probably the only option that can fit the largest cat breeds. Meanwhile, neither of them has the added cat scratcher that makes the Good Life USA house so awesome.

The Best Crystal Cat Litter

Cleaning up kitty litter is one of the less glamourous inevitabilities of owning a cat, but every cat owner has to do it. While it's not everyone's favorite chore, it doesn't have to be that bad - or stinky. These days, many cat owners are switching from clay litter to crystal litter, because it effectively absorbs liquids and smells. It also keeps litter boxes dust-free, so those of you with allergies can breathe as you please. We scoured the market to find the best crystal cat litters on the market. In order to find the best crystal cat litters, we asked ourselves three questions: Is it easy to keep clean? Does it cover up any bad smells? Will it last a long time? With these questions in mind, the scoop-free cat litter from PetSafe stood out as our favorite. It has a strong odor control that covers up even the strongest of smells and is low-tracking, so your cat won't bring the mess outside of its box. However, if your top priority is a cat litter that can last, then consider the crystal litter from Fresh Step. Not only does it control the odor for up to 30 days, but it's soft enough for even the most sensitive of felines. Read on below to find the rest of our picks and why we think they stand out among the rest.

The Best Cat Slow Feeders

If your cat tends to inhale their food, a slow feeder is what you need. Slow feed bowls feature maze-like protrusions inside the bowl that your cat must navigate to reach their food, causing them to eat more slowly. Eating slower can help to prevent bloat and other digestive issues while also lowering the risk of choking. Whether you need a bowl for dry or wet food, there's an option out there to benefit your furry friend. We first asked ourselves a few questions to find the best cat slow feeder. Is this feeder suitable for wet food as well as dry? How easy is it to clean? What is the level of difficulty of the design? Our number one choice was the Hyper Pet IQ Treat Mat which works great for both dry and wet food, is dishwasher safe, and features a medium level of difficulty ensuring your cat slows down when eating. If you're looking for a bowl with a lower level of difficulty, we suggest the Super Design Slow Feeder. This bowl is designed with just a few raised columns inside to slow eating, can be used with dry or wet food, and is a breeze to clean. Keep reading to discover our detailed guide of more cat slow feed bowls you should consider.