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The Best Cardboard Cat Scratchers

As a cat owner, you know scratching is a way of life for your furry friends. Scratching is a natural instinct that allows your kitty to sharpen their nails and mark their territory. However, it becomes problematic when your kitty uses your walls and furniture as a scratching post. That's when cardboard scratching posts can help. They give your cat a place to claw away without damaging household items. Given the number of cardboard scratchers available, finding the right one can be challenging. To help you with your search, we've rounded up some of the best on the market.

The Best Cat Themed Necklaces

Whether adding to your jewelry collection or searching for a gift for a feline-loving friend, cat-themed necklaces have you covered. They come in different sizes, colors, and styles, making it easy to find one to fit any occasion or personality. Plus, they're unique and stand out from more standard jewelry.

The Best Pet Hair Remover

Even though you love your pet, it doesn't mean you love it when their hair spreads throughout your home. Pesky cat and dog hair tends to land everywhere from your clothes to your furniture. And it can be challenging to get rid of it quickly and efficiently. But with a high-quality pet hair remover, you can make cleaning more manageable. We've rounded up a few of our favorite pet hair removers to help you decide what will work best for your family.

The Best Wireless Water Fountains For Cats

Water fountains are the best way to keep your fuzzy friends healthy and hydrated. However, many have short cords and pesky wires that can get in the way and limit your placement options. That's why we recommend wireless water fountains for cats. They make it easier to entice your kitty to drink up without the hassle of finding free outlets.

The Best Kicker Toys For Cats

Holding and kicking prey are natural instincts for cats. But when your furry friend lives inside of the house, there's a good chance that they won't be able to take part in these behaviors very often. That's where kicker cat toys come in. These large, long, and flexible products are designed to be chased, chewed, and kicked. Some even come with extra incentives, such as catnip or the ability to make sounds. Read on to discover the best picks for your pet from today's cat toy market.

The Best Lysine For Cats

If your cat suffers from respiratory disorders, lysine can help. This supplement is an essential amino acid, which means it's all-natural and safe for most pets. It can help improve symptoms of viruses and allergies that affect pets' eyes or breathing systems. It comes in several tasty forms, from a powdered food topper to tiny soft treats. Read on to learn about some of the best-quality lysine supplements for cats on the market today.

The Best Tofu Cat Litters

Tofu cat litter is the perfect blend of convenience and function. The pelletized form helps soak up the strong scents of urine and mess, and once it's all inside, you can flush the pieces away for easy cleaning. Cats also appreciate its softness on their sensitive paws, making it excellent for finicky felines.

The Best Litter For Healthy Cats

Whether you already have a menagerie of fuzzy felines or you're picking up your first pet, it's essential to find the perfect products. We especially recommend choosing a high-quality litter to help you keep odors down while providing your healthy cat with the ideal place to potty. Plus, the better the litter, the easier it will be to maintain.