How To Choose The Best Cat Litter Box With Lid For Your Cat – CatTime

When it comes to having a cat litter box in the home, they can be problematic due to the smell and unpleasant sight they create. One alternative is to use a cat litter box that has a lid. Not only does this give your cat more privacy, but it also helps to eliminate smells. Another benefit is that it hides cat waste until it is ready to be emptied. Plus, if the litter box has stairs, this helps to clean your cat's paws as they exit to avoid trailing litter through your home. If you are in the market for a new cat litter box with lid, here are our pick of 5 of the best.

How To Choose The Best Cat Blanket For Your Cat – CatTime

Everyone knows cats love to snuggle and sleep; that's why cat lovers are always on the lookout for the ideal cat blanket that is both plush and cozy, as well as durable. Cat blankets and beds need to be washed regularly, so the cat blanket you choose ideally needs to be machine washable, safe for the tumble drier, and sturdy enough to withstand constant cleaning. Pet owners can land up spending loads of unnecessary cash on cat beds, blankets, and accessories, so we’ve put together a list of the Top 5 blankets to help you choose the best one for your precious feline.

How To Choose The Best Cat Water Dispenser For Your Cat – CatTime

Cat water dispensers, especially the electric fountain variety, are handy appliances that help keep your cat hydrated and healthy. Most users say their furry friends are so attracted to the units that they consume two or three times the amount they were previously accustomed to drinking. Cat water dispensers are designed to require less maintenance than regular dishes and allow you to go on day-, or even week-long trips without worrying whether your kitten will suffer dehydration. Let's have a look at some of the best, and most affordable cat water dispensers available.

How To Choose The Best Kitten Toy For Your Cat – CatTime

Giving kittens toys to play with helps to sharpen their cognitive function. In addition to keeping your kitten entertained, it will teach them new skills as they develop into an adult cat. From running, jumping, and problem solving, there are endless benefits when you give your kitten something to play with. Toys mimic the skills your cat would use to hunt prey in the wild. Toys can also be a great way to bond with your kitten. If you are looking for some toys for your kitten, here are our pick of the five best.

How To Choose The Best Cat Cage For Your Cat – CatTime

Cat cages, when used responsibly for temporary periods, can be useful in improving a cat's overall wellbeing and sense of security. Using cat cages to train, protect, and soothe cats is becoming more and more popular. Cat cages can be used for different purposes. Often they’re used to contain feral cats or to separate fighting cats. Sometimes they're useful as a refuge for shy cats, and they can be an effective tool to safely introduce a new cat to your home. They can also be used as outdoor playpens to give indoor cats outside time. Here's our list of the Top 5 cat cages available.

How To Choose The Best CBD Oil for Cats For Your Cat – CatTime

All cat owners have experienced a time when their cat is frightened by fireworks or has restricted movement because of pain and inflammation. For these times, CBD or hemp oil can help relieve the stress on your beloved pet. The oil is made from the hemp plant and can aid in calming your cat in times of pain and stress. It can also help restful sleep. Most oils also contain Omega 3 and 6 for great skin and coat health. To make sure you get the best CBD oil for your cat, here is a helpful list of the top five oils.

How To Choose The Best Cat Grass Seeds For Your Cat – CatTime

Do you want to make sure your cat gets the vegetation they like without the possibility of them ingesting something toxic? Consider planting cat grass seed indoors or outdoors to control the quality, variety, and benefit of your cat's veggie-munching habits. Some cats eat a little grass when they feel nauseated after having consumed something they shouldn't have, or after eating too much. Growing cat grass from seed can give your cat what they need to soothe their stomach, or potentially to help him eject harmful foods and excess hair from their digestive system.

How To Choose The Best Pet Tracker For Your Cat – CatTime

It is safe to say we love our pets. No matter the species from cat to dog, bunny, or rat, they eventually become no less than a part of our families. As such, we do what we must to take care of them, guaranteeing their safety and security for the duration of their lives. Sometimes this entails protecting them from running away, getting lost, or worse, getting injured by outside influences. Luckily, there are plenty of products in the pet market, specially designed to keep track of your furbabies. One such product is the pet tracker. Available in several mediums and approaches, there is a pet tracker out there for all of our furry family members. Let’s take a look into the top five pet trackers on the market today, along with their nuances and variety.