The Best Cardboard Cat Scratchers

As a cat owner, you know scratching is a way of life for your furry friends. Scratching is a natural instinct that allows your kitty to sharpen their nails and mark their territory. However, it becomes problematic when your kitty uses your walls and furniture as a scratching post. That's when cardboard scratching posts can help. They give your cat a place to claw away without damaging household items. Given the number of cardboard scratchers available, finding the right one can be challenging. To help you with your search, we've rounded up some of the best on the market.

What to Look For 

We recommend keeping the following things in mind when shopping for a cardboard scratcher for your cat: Does it have a large enough scratching surface? Can you replace the scratching cardboard when your kitty has worn it out? Does it need to be mounted, or is it a standalone scratcher? Our favorite was the scratcher from Best Pet Supplies, which spins around to keep your cat occupied as they sharpen their claws. We also really liked the scratcher from Way Basics, which features an ergonomic design and comes with catnip to appeal to your kitty’s sense of smell. Read on to learn more about our favorites and find the right one for your feline friend.

Best Pet Supplies Active Cardboard Cat Scratcher

Happy nails

Keep your kitty entertained and satisfy their desire to scratch with this spin and chase scratcher.
Best Overall

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This fun cardboard scratcher from Best Pet Supplies integrates a cardboard pad into an interactive toy to keep your feline friend occupied for hours. It features a unique scratch and spinning system that keeps your kitty active as they use the pad to relieve their desire to sharpen their nails. The set includes two interactive balls for your cat to chase and swat. That’s not all; its non-slip base keeps it in place no matter how excited your cat gets. 


  • Contemporary design fits in with most decors
  • Made of durable material that stands up over time
  • Combines an interactive toy with a cardboard scratcher
  • Non-slip base keeps it from sliding around while cats are playing with it


  • Doesn’t lay flush on the floor 

Way Basics Mounted Silvervine Cardboard Cat Scratcher

Scratch away

Save your household items by using this scratcher to occupy your kitty's time.
Runner Up

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If you’re tired of your cat clawing at your walls and furniture, it’s time to consider investing in this cardboard scratcher from Way Basics. The secret to this scratcher’s effectiveness is the Silvervine catnip that attracts kitties. Plus, its ergonomic design makes it comfortable for cats to use and helps reduce their urge to scratch your household items. They can use the scratcher to file their nails, giving them the satisfaction they seek when scratching.


  • Made of non-toxic cat safe material
  • Comes with premium Silvervine catnip
  • Ergonomic design makes it comfortable for cats to use
  • Helps relieve cats’ urge to scratch furniture, walls, and other household items


  • The adhesive velcro used for attaching the scratcher could be stronger

Petstages Easy Life Catnip Cardboard Cat Scratcher

Tough as nails

Your cat will love filing their claws against this comfortable scratcher.
Best For Lounging

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Give your feline friend a place to relax and sharpen their nails with Petstages’ cardboard scratcher. The versatile 2-in-1 scratcher has everything your cat needs to play, hide, take it easy, and, most importantly, scratch. It’s easy to assemble; all that’s required is sliding the pieces into place. Once it’s ready, your cat will have a comfy place to perch and keep their nails healthy. It doesn’t end there; since it’s foldable, you can store it easily, and it comes with catnip to attract your cat.


  • Assembly only takes a few minutes
  • Comes with catnip to encourage cats to play
  • Provides a place for your kitty to play, rest, hide, and scratch
  • Made from sturdy cardboard that provides cats with a secure base for relaxing


  • It may be too lightweight for some cats

PatiencET Reversible Cardboard Cat Scratcher

Claw-some pick

Use this scratcher to train your cat to avoid household goods.
Best With Catnip

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This double-sided cardboard scratcher from PatiencET will satisfy your cat’s urge to scratch and keep their nails healthy. It’s made of high-density premium pressed cardboard that stands up to intense scratching. The included catnip encourages your kitty’s playful nature and makes them want to spend time with the scratcher. Plus, the eco-friendly scratcher was designed to protect cats’ claws while training them to stay away from furniture, walls, and other household items. 


  • Easy to clean
  • Doubles as a resting spot for cats 
  • Uses catnip to keep cats engaged with the scratcher
  • Has two sides, so you can turn it over once one side has worn out


  • Might not be big enough for some cats 

FluffyDream TV Lounge Bed Cardboard Cat Scratcher 

Relaxing and scratching

This fun scratcher gives your kitty a place to unwind while satisfying their scratching instinct.
Most Creative

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FluffyDream’s realistic-looking cardboard scratcher is an excellent choice if you’re searching for a versatile product that’ll satisfy your kitty’s natural scratching instinct. The TV-shaped scratcher features an attractive and fun design that looks good in any decor. It doubles as a bed and a perch, giving your cat plenty of places to scratch, play, and unwind. Plus, it’s made of heavy-grade cardboard that stands up over time.


  • Fun design encourages cats to play
  • Suitable for all sizes and breeds of cats
  • Unique design makes it easier for cats to scratch 
  • Made of 100% recyclable cardboard and non-toxic glue


  • Tips over easily, so it’s a good idea to prop it up against a wall

Frequently Asked Questions

What is corrugated cardboard?

Corrugated cardboard is a reinforced, often recycled version of cardboard. It feels like thick paperboard and is made of by gluing three sheets of containerboard together. Its strength and durability make it an excellent choice for a cat scratcher. You’ve probably noticed your cat loves to spend time in cardboard boxes, chewing and scratching them. Cardboard scratchers will excite your feline friend in the same way, keeping them occupied for long periods.

How often should I replace my cat’s cardboard scratcher?

Looking at your kitty’s cardboard scratcher is usually enough to let you know if it’s time to replace it. Once your cat has shredded it up and they’re no longer having fun scratching it, it’s time to invest in a new one. You’ll typically need to replace a cardboard scratcher every one to three months. If you have more than one cat, you must replace it more frequently. 

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