The Best Kicker Toys For Cats

Holding and kicking prey are natural instincts for cats. But when your furry friend lives inside of the house, there's a good chance that they won't be able to take part in these behaviors very often. That's where kicker cat toys come in. These large, long, and flexible products are designed to be chased, chewed, and kicked. Some even come with extra incentives, such as catnip or the ability to make sounds. Read on to discover the best picks for your pet from today's cat toy market.

What to Look For

When we were searching for the best cat kicker toys, we narrowed our findings down with the help of three questions: Is it interactive? Does it include natural attractants? Is it designed to last through long-term play? Right away, we were intrigued by the PetLinks Happy Kicker for its simple but super-engaging design. We also liked the Petmate Jackson Galaxy toy for its ability to kick back. You can learn more about each of these products, as well as our other favorites, by scrolling through the following post.

PetLinks HappyNip Kicker Cat Toy

All senses engaged

This fun piece comes in many different animal designs and is infused with the natural attractants catnip and silvervine.
Best Overall

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This classic kicker toy is large enough for your pet to hold in his front paws and kick with his back. It has silvervine and catnip inside, which are both attractants that most cats enjoy. The various textures, including long faux fur, make play sessions more realistic for your cat. It’s easy to buy one or a few, thanks to the incredible selection of animals, colors, and textures in the product listing. And for your peace of mind, every product from PetLinks is safety tested to protect your pet while they play.


  • Affordable
  • Includes crinkle material
  • Large variety of critters to choose from
  • Stuffed with real feathers, which are safe for pets if ingested
  • Silvervine is engaging for most cats who do not enjoy catnip 


  • Does not move on its own

Petmate Jackson Galaxy Kicker Cat Toy

A toy that fights back

This innovative toy wiggles around, almost like it's kicking your kitty in return while they play.
Runner Up

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This unique toy almost fights back when kitties attack. It doesn’t need batteries, however, since it works with the power of rebound. This motion is designed to engage the natural hunting instinct that all cats have. The toy also contains organic catnip inside as an extra attractant. Two styles are available, so you can purchase the one that best suits your pet or give them two ways to pretend hunt at home.


  • Reasonable price
  • Durable exterior fabric
  • Made for cats of all sizes
  • Ideal for pets who seem bored by typical cat toys
  • No squeaking or crinkling sounds to bother the humans in the house


  • The fabric may be easily punctured, but it doesn’t typically tear 

Kitty Kick Stix Natural Kicker Cat Toy

Fresh scents

This kicker toy is handmade and stuffed with the freshest, all-natural catnip.
Best Quality

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This brand labels itself “The Original Catnip Kicker Toy,” based on its humble beginning over a decade ago. It’s an impressive 15 inch long and filled with catnip and small bells to engage your kitty in a multisensory fashion. There are several fun fabrics to choose from, each of which is double-stitched for increased durability. And perhaps most impressively, all pieces are handmade by a small business in the United States.


  • Fair price point
  • Ultra-fresh catnip
  • Each purchase comes with two kicker cat toys
  • Also available in a smaller size for young kittens
  • Every toy is custom-made within 24 hours of your order


  • The bells may be too noisy for some cat parents

BuntyJoy Chirping Ball Kicker Cat Toys

Catch me if you can

These fun little balls make chirping sounds as they're kicked around the house.
Most Interactive

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These balls are made to be kicked around the house instead of held and kicked. They are covered in a fluffy, plush material, which makes them easy for cats to pick up in their mouths. They come stuffed with catnip, and a small opening allows for refills and refreshes as needed. The balls make chirping noises every time they’re touched, and the long-lasting batteries can repeat the sound up to 10,000 times before fading out. The batteries are also replaceable, so you can continue to use these toys for several years.


  • Reasonable price
  • Fun, bright colors
  • Extra catnip pouches included
  • Chirping sounds imitate frogs, birds, and crickets
  • The three-pack helps to make sure your pet can keep playing even when one or two toys are lost


  • Too small to be kicked while being held

FiGoal Flopping Fishy Kicker Cat Toy

Flipping fun

This adorable fish and its accessories flop around to engage your pet.
Best Set

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This fish engages cats’ natural hunting instincts through a realistic appearance and movement. The fishtail flops back and forth, giving your pet something much more engaging to kick. The attachments are fun for chasing and include items like feathers and tassels. Also included are a spring base and play pole to interact with your cat while they attack. It’s rechargeable via USB, so you don’t have to worry about replacing batteries.


  • Realistic design
  • Safe, durable fabric 
  • Charging cord included
  • Battery lasts for about a week at a time
  • Case included for storing all of the pieces


  • Slightly higher, but still a reasonable price

Frequently Asked Questions

Are kicker cat toys fun for cats of all ages?

Yes, these toys are engaging for kittens and older cats alike. This is due to their ability to entice the natural hunting instinct that all cats have inside of them.

Are kicker cat toys safe for cats?

Kicker cat toys are just as safe as any other cat toy. With that said, pets should never be left with toys unsupervised. If you are watching your pet play and a small piece of a toy comes off, it’s important to remove it to keep them safe.

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