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Is My Cat Too Skinny? How To Tell If Your Cat Is Underweight

Vets often cite feline obesity as a key issue to watch out for, but a cat who’s underweight can also be a cause for concern. If you suspect your cat may be losing weight too fast or that they’re underweight, then you must consult your veterinarian. Here’s what you need to know.

by Phillip Mlynar
April 16th

8 Tips For Managing Cat Allergens In The Home

Whether you get the occasional sniffle or you’ve got itchy eyes and skin rashes, cat allergies can be a pain. But they don’t mean you have to forgo having a feline friend. Here’s a list of tips to manage cat allergens around your living space.

by CatTime
March 24th

Secrets To Raising A Tame And Outgoing Cat

Raising a tame cat who’s social and outgoing requires a combination of a good upbringing, even from the time the kitten is in the womb, early handling, and a mom cat with a good temperament. Here are some tips to help your kitten grow into a social adult cat.

by Stephanie Dube Dwilson
February 24th

How To Give A Cat A Bath When You Absolutely Have To

Your cat is dirty, and you know they need a bath. Groomers are expensive, and you don’t want to spend the extra cash. Luckily, it’s actually easy to bathe your cat at home, as long as you prepare in advance and keep a few basic things in mind.

by CatTime
February 17th

Follow These Tips To Help Your Dog & Cat Get Along With Each Other

If you live in a multi-species household, having your dog and your cat get along is an absolute essential for harmony in your home. It’s easier if your dog and cat grow up together; however, it’s still possible to integrate an adult dog into your home with your adult cat.

by Robert Thomas
February 11th

6 Of The Best Ways To Clean Cat Pee In Your Home

You probably know that cat pee can be incredibly difficult to get rid of completely. Even if you can’t smell it anymore, your cat might be able to, and they might be drawn by that scent to pee in the same place again. Here are the best ways to clean cat pee when it lands outside the litter box.

by Stephanie Dube Dwilson
January 25th

How To Keep Your Cats From Destroying Your Apartment

If you’re really hoping to keep your apartment and belongings intact while living with a cat in a small space, you’ll have to take some steps to prevent your kitty from destroying things in an attempt to amuse themselves. Try some of these tips to keep your sanity and your security deposit.

by CatTime
January 25th

5 Easy Hacks To Make Your Home A Better Place For Your Cat

Creating a fun, satisfying, and safe environment for your cat doesn’t have to cost a small fortune or take up hours of your time. In fact, with a little cat-centric thinking, you can easily retool your home to become a feline wonderland. Here are five super simple hacks to start cat-ifying your abode.

by Phillip Mlynar
January 22nd

What Can I Do If My Cat Isn’t Getting Enough Exercise?

Many cats, seem quite happy to have a lazy lifestyle every day if left to their own devices, especially indoor cats. But there are steps you can take to ensure that your cat is getting adequate exercise. Here are a few ways you can help a cat stay active and healthy.

by Phillip Mlynar
January 15th
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