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Top Cat-Sitting Etiquette Tips for Pet Sitters

Calling all pet sitters! Are you psyched to start cat-sitting some fabulous felines? Pet sitting is one of the best jobs around, but before you embark on your next cat-sitting adventure, you must brush up on your cat-sitting etiquette. By following a few simple guidelines, you can ensure a harmonious and purr-fect time with your furry clients. We’re going to reveal our top tips to help you become an exceptional cat sitter while having a meow-velous time. So, grab a catnip toy and let’s dive in!

Essential cat-sitting etiquette for pet sitters

Embrace the catitude

Every cat has their unique personality and preferences. Take the time to understand their individual quirks, from their favorite hiding spots to their preferred chin-scratching technique. The more you connect with their feline mojo, the happier they’ll be.

There’s no such thing as too much communication

Stay in touch with the cat owners, providing regular updates and adorable snapshots of their whiskered wonders. It will reassure them that their fur babies are in good hands and make you their go-to cat sitter in the future.

Treat o’ clock

Win over your feline friends with irresistible treats. Reward them for good behavior or use treats to initiate bonding sessions. Just watch those happy purrs and twinkling eyes – you’ll be their favorite human in no time!

Work hard, play hard (with the cat)

Engage in interactive play sessions to keep your cat entertained and mentally stimulated. From feather wands to laser pointers, tap into their hunting instincts and let the playfulness ensue. Get ready for acrobatic leaps and hilarious antics!

Know when to back off

Cats are masters of independence, so respect their need for personal space. Allow them to approach you on their terms and never force cuddles. When they come to you for affection, cherish those precious moments of headbutts and gentle purrs.

Litter box love

OK, no one loves the litter box (except maybe your cat), but make sure you show it a lot of love while pet sitting. Maintain a clean and fresh litter box environment. Scoop regularly, ensuring there’s enough litter to cover their business. Cats appreciate a tidy restroom, and you’ll be their litter box superhero! While you’re cleaning up after the cat, don’t forget to clean up after yourself!


Create cozy hideouts for your cat clients. Provide comfy blankets, cozy beds, and safe nooks where they can retreat when they need some alone time. Think of it as their personal cat sanctuary.

Groom gracefully

Some cats enjoy grooming sessions, while others prefer to handle their grooming needs independently. Observe their preferences and offer gentle brushing or occasional nail trims if necessary. It’s all about keeping them comfortable and looking fabulous!

Say thank you

As your cat-sitting adventure concludes, leave a heartfelt note for the pet owners. Summarize your time with their fabulous feline, share delightful anecdotes, and express your gratitude for the privilege of caring for their fur baby.

More etiquette tips for cat lovers and pet sitters

With these top cat-sitting etiquette tips, you’re ready to embark on a purr-fect pet-sitting journey! Embrace the enchantment of feline company, respect their independence, and create a safe and engaging environment for them. Remember, the sound of contented purrs is the ultimate reward for a cat sitter. So, go forth, have fun, and bask in the warmth of those adorable whiskers. Happy cat sitting!

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