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Professional Pet Sitters Week: Why You Should Be Jealous Of Your Cat Sitter

March 6th kicks off Professional Pet Sitters Week in 2022, and if you’re not a pet sitter, you have all the reasons in the world to be jealous.

Think about this the next time you’re feeling under the weather while cooped up at home or stuck in an endless traffic jam on your way to work: There are other lucky people out there whose day-to-day workload involves visiting cats and kittens and acting like the carefree aunt who stops by to bless nephews and nieces with treats while avoiding most of the responsibilities of feline parenthood.

They are cat sitters, and they are living the feline dream.

A Job That Lets You Play With Cats All Day?

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Yes, while you’re at work trying to avoid the dreaded water-cooler small talk, cat sitters are get away with making meowing sounds at cats in the name of riveting conversation.

And while you’re navigating the tricky internal politics of the office, your cat sitter is dealing only with the small matter of making sure that all cats in the household receive an equal sharing of midday treats.

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When you’re stuck staring at a spreadsheet for another three hours before getting to leave for home, cat sitters around the world are feasting their eyes on a parading procession of Mackerel Tabbies, British Shorthairs, Ragdolls, Maine Coons, and Persians.

And as you deal with cleaning up someone else’s gross soup splatter from the microwave, cat sitters are collectively scooping up nuggets of poop.

Say Thanks To Your Cat Sitter

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Okay, maybe scooping poop isn’t exactly something to be wholesale jealous of. But at this point, you get the idea.

Whatever humdrum part of day-to-day life gets you down, there’s a strong chance that cat sitters are instead living it up in a world full of impish kittens and noble napping furballs.

It’s enough to make you wonder whether we might not be better turning the world into a place where everybody is a cat sitter.

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Would the economics work out? Probably not. But it’s a guarantee that we’d all be a lot happier and a lot less stressed.

But remember, your cat sitter takes great care of your furry family member, and it’s not all pets and purrs. Make sure you say thanks during Professional Pet Sitters Week and show your appreciation.

Do you love your cat sitter? Do you ever feel a little jealous of them? Be honest and let us know in the comments below!

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