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    Can Cats Eat Ice Cream? Is Ice Cream Safe For Cats?

    July is officially designated as National Ice Cream Month. But have you ever been in the middle of enjoying your ice cream of choice only to suddenly wonder, “Can my cat eat ice cream too? And will it be safe?” Let’s get to the bottom of this dairy dilemma.

    by Phillip Mlynar
    June 18th

    10 Cat Jokes To Celebrate International Joke Day

    International Joke day falls on July 1st every year, and who better to make us laugh than our cats? To celebrate, here’s a roundup of side-splitting and sometimes deliberately corny cat jokes! Tell them to your friends and family on July 1st!

    by Phillip Mlynar
    June 17th

    Can Cats Eat Corn? Is Corn Safe For Cats?

    Can cats eat corn? The short answer is yes, cats should be fine if they eat small amounts of corn. However, it is best left as a sometimes treat for kitty, not as a regular part of their diet. Here’s what you should know.

    by Phillip Mlynar
    June 13th

    Summer Deck And Catio Safety For Cats

    When the warmer months start to show up, we’re more likely to take advantage of any outdoors spaces we have in our living situations. This can also apply to indoor cats if you take the steps to construct a safe and secure catio for your feline or grant them monitored time on the deck.

    by Phillip Mlynar
    June 12th

    The 5 Best Cat Videos You Need To Watch For June

    Social media is packed with more cat videos than you could ever physically find the time to watch, so let CatTime guide you through the five most essential feline flicks you need to watch this month! Read on to start digging into June’s cutest and funniest cat videos.

    by Phillip Mlynar
    June 11th

    National Sunglasses Day: Check Out These 5 Instagram Cats Sporting Shades!

    National Sunglasses Day is coming up on June 27th, and some cats are celebrating already! If you’re trying to snap some pics of your feline looking a little fancier than usual, consider getting them to sport a pair of sunglasses for a quick picture, like these kitties from Instagram!

    by Phillip Mlynar
    June 10th

    International Sushi Day: Can I Feed My Cat Sushi? Best Not!

    Depictions of cats in children’s books and cartoons usually show us that our beloved felines feast on a diet of nothing but freshly caught raw fish. However, as we gear up to chow down on International Sushi Day, let’s look into whether it’s safe to share your sushi with your kitty.

    by Phillip Mlynar
    June 7th

    World Wide Knit In Public Day: 7 Cat-Themed Knitting Necessities

    World Wide Knit In Public Day falls on the second Saturday of every June. That’s June 8th in 2019. If you’re all about a feline state of mind, you’ll want to take part in the hashtag holiday by crafting some cat-themed knitting projects.

    by Phillip Mlynar
    June 5th

    Here’s How To Have A Successful Hug Your Cat Day On June 4th

    You don’t have to be a brainiac to figure out how to celebrate Hug Your Cat Day on June 4th. However, you do have to be careful–and maybe even a little bit sneaky–when it comes to successfully giving your feline a hug.

    by Phillip Mlynar
    May 28th

    Chip Your Pet Month: The Ins And Outs Of Microchips For Cats

    May is known as peak spring time for many of us–but it’s also Chip Your Pet Month. So if you haven’t yet had your cat microchipped, here’s the ins and outs of why it’s something you really need to get around doing before the month is out.

    by Phillip Mlynar
    May 16th

    The 5 Best Cat Videos You Need To Watch For May

    CatTime searches the internet and selects the five most essential cat videos of the month so you don’t have to! May’s best cat videos include kittens in Tupperware containers, outdoor adventure cats, and kitties spinning around in circles.

    by Phillip Mlynar
    May 13th

    Great Ways To Celebrate Mother’s Day With Cats

    You’re probably aware that May 12th is Mother’s Day this year, right? But even if you’re not a mom or don’t know any moms of human kids, we can still celebrate the holiday as a feline-focused occasion to honor all the cat moms out there! Here are some great ways to celebrate Mother’s Day with cats.

    by Phillip Mlynar
    May 7th

    5 Easy, Impressive Tricks And Commands You Can Teach Your Cat To Do

    In celebration of May 7 being National Teacher’s Day, we’re going over some tricks that are easy for your kitty to learn and will impress your friends and family! Check out these five tricks and commands you can teach your cat, including sit, high five, and hug.

    by Phillip Mlynar
    May 1st

    6 Things You Can Do To Become A Better Cat Parent

    You might consider cats to be low maintenance pets, but that doesn’t give you an excuse to get complacent. Here’s a checklist of things to do right now to make yourself a better cat parent.

    by Phillip Mlynar
    April 30th

    The 5 Best Cat Videos You Need To Watch For April

    Every month here at CatTime, we sift through the huge mountain of cat clips and spotlight the five most essential videos. This round up of April’s best and funniest cat videos includes cats snuggling, cats being lazy, cats taking baths, and cats battling eggs!

    by Phillip Mlynar
    April 24th

    Banana Day: Can Cats Eat Bananas?

    April 17 is officially recognized as Banana Day! You’ll probably be happy to know that most cats can occasionally eat bananas without problems, but there are exceptions. Here’s what you should know about cats and bananas.

    by Phillip Mlynar
    April 11th
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