Wild Black Bear in the summertime, Wildlife Safari, Oregon, USA
(Picture Credit: Volodymyr Matsenko/Getty Images)

Bengal Cat Named Tigger Fights Off Black Bear In Viral TikTok Video

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Footage captured in North Vancouver shows a fearless Bengal cat named Tigger warding off a prowling black bear.

The incident happened June 21 at around midday when the inquisitive black bear dared to enter Tigger’s property. The cat, who wasn’t standing for the intrusion, strutted straight up to the black bear and caused a retreat.

Arching his back seems to have been a key tactic for Tigger in defeating the black bear, and naturally users shared the entire incident on TikTok.

Not The First Time Tigger Has Tackled Larger Beasts

(Stock Picture Credit: Volodymyr Matsenko/Getty Images)

According to Tigger’s human, Gavin Sturrock, the black bear in question had previously entered the yard with the intention of rummaging through the garbage bins.

After watching Tigger deal with the black bear, Sturrock told the North Shore News publication that this wasn’t the first time he’s witnessed the feline step up and tackle larger beasts:

“I’ve seen him do this sort of thing with big dogs — chase them away from our house.”

Sturrock uploaded footage of the incident to TikTok, complete with the caption: “I opened the door and saw this.”

Users have since viewed the video well over 30,000 times.

Round Two: Cat Versus Coyote

It seems like we might be in the middle of a growing trend based around felines taking it upon themselves to fight off larger wild animals.

Recently, we reported on the case of a plucky kitty in Texas who successfully warded off the attack of a wild coyote on a backyard deck at two in the morning — and you can check our story about that high octane incident over here!

Hopefully these stories provide a convincing case for keeping your cat indoors only. Or at least have outdoor time with your cat on a leash or catio. Check out our case for indoor cats here!

What do you think of this cat’s heroic feat fighting off a black bear? Have you come across any other recent examples of cats warding off larger wild animals? Let us know in the comments section below!

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