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How To Tell If It’s Time To Get A New Litter Box

We all know when it is time to clean out and replace the litter in our cats’ litter boxes, but how often should you be replacing the litter box itself?

How often you replace your cat’s litter box depends on a few factors, like the litter box’s material, how often you clean it, and how many cats are using it.

Here’s how to determine when and how frequently you should be replacing your cat’s litter box.

If You Have The Standard Plastic Litter Box

Generally, you should replace a plastic litter box yearly. If you just have one kitty in your home using a standard plastic litter box, replacing it once a year is a good idea.

Your cat’s plastic litter box might need replacement sooner than that depending on how often you clean the litter box. Cat urine that sits in the box is acidic, and if it sits too long, it can start to erode the plastic. It will also make your cat’s litter box smell funky, even if you do a deep clean of it.

If you have more than one cat in the household using a plastic litter box, chances are you will have to replace it sooner. And if your cat’s plastic litter box is already stinky, stained, or scuffed, then it’s time to get a new one.

Got Scratches? Time To Replace

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Replace scratched up litter boxes, too.

A little wear-and-tear with your cat’s litter box is to be expected. However, if you start to see lots of scratch marks from your cat when you clean out the litter box, it’s time to replace it.

Why? Because these scratches can be really difficult to clean — and they’re the perfect place for urine or feces to get trapped.

Replacing a scratched up litter box is more of a preventative measure than anything, but it’s worth it to avoid the funk!

Replace The Litter Box Covering Too

Don’t forget about any litter box coverings!

There are loads of stylish ways to keep your cat’s litter box hidden. But whatever pieces of furniture or cat litter box covers you use should also be replaced regularly.

If you have a higher quality litter box cover, like a cabinet, be sure to clean it just as regularly as your cat’s litter box. Otherwise, any litter your cat might drag out with them could also start to damage the litter box cover.

When In Doubt, Once A Year

Photo taken in Neu-Ulm, Germany
(Picture Credit: Thorsten Nilson / EyeEm/Getty Images)

In general, you should change your cat’s litter box once a year.

Some folks opt to do this on a special day, like their cat’s adoption day or a holiday, so they don’t forget. If you have a higher end litter box, you may not have to replace it as often as you would a plastic one.

It’s worth replacing your litter box regularly, not only to keep your house from having that not-so-pleasant odor, but also to keep your cat happy and healthy — and using the litter box!

Do you replace your cat’s litter box regularly? How do you know when it’s time to switch it out? Let us know in the comments below!

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