Maggie Clancy

    How To Give Your Cat The Best Massage Ever

    We all know the benefits of getting a massage as humans. It can be incredibly relaxing and can help lower blood pressure, improve circulation, soothe sore joints, and more. Turns out, these benefits of massage aren’t exclusive to humans; they are amazing for cats, too!

    by Maggie Clancy
    August 19th

    Summer Pool Safety Tips For Cat Owners

    Even if your cat is a strictly indoor cat, a well-timed escape and slip into the pool can quickly become tragic. Or maybe you have an adventurous cat who loves to take a dip! Whatever the case, here are a few tips for keeping your cat safe when you have a swimming pool.

    by Maggie Clancy
    August 15th

    Why Does My Cat Lick Me?

    We humans tend to think that when one of our pets licks us, it’s the equivalent of a “kiss,” and it is a way to show love. While love and adoration may be one reason why your cat is licking you, here are several other reasons as to why you may be receiving sandpaper kisses.

    by Maggie Clancy
    August 15th

    7 Ways To Keep Cat Litter From Tracking Everywhere

    Feeling tiny bits of litter sand between your toes whenever you’re barefoot in the home kind of comes with the cat owning package. Fortunately, there are ways you can help your messy kitty keep their litter in the box and not scattered all around it and your home.

    by Maggie Clancy
    August 13th

    Ribbon And Cats: How Dangerous Is Ribbon?

    Anything that falls under the umbrella of ribbon-like objects, such as string, yarn, twine, tinsel, shoelaces, and even rubber bands have caught many a curious cat’s eye during playtime. But should you let your cat play with ribbon? Is it even safe? Here’s what you need to know.

    by Maggie Clancy
    August 8th

    5 Diseases Humans Can Catch From Cats

    Although most cat diseases only affect other felines, there are diseases you can catch from your cat. While the risk of catching some of these ailments from your cat is low, it’s still helpful to know which illnesses can pass from your cat to you and how to prevent the spread of these diseases.

    by Maggie Clancy
    August 7th

    5 Ways To Help A Cat Who’s Lonely But Hates Other Cats

    What is a person to do when their lonely cat would definitely benefit from some social interaction but is hellbent on being a rebel loner? Here are a few tips to help slowly but safely introduce your lonely cat to the idea of socialization and other boredom-busters.

    by Maggie Clancy
    August 6th

    Can You Die From A Cat Allergy?

    Ten percent of the human population has pet allergies, and cat allergies are twice as common as dog allergies. If you’re one of those allergic individuals, you may be wondering you can actually die from a cat allergy. Here is everything you need to know.

    by Maggie Clancy
    August 6th

    What Is Caterwauling? Why Do Cats Caterwaul?

    Cats purr, chirp, and occasionally, they make a weird sound that seemingly defies description. It is a mix between a yowl and a whine, but cat-like. It is a drawn-out moan that sounds melodramatic. This is called caterwauling.

    by Maggie Clancy
    July 24th

    5 Ways To Keep Your Cat From Ruining Your Sex Life

    Whether it’s your first night with someone or you are with a long-term partner, having your cat stare at you from the foot of the bed probably was not a part of either of your fantasies. Here’s how to keep your sex life intact with a feline spectator.

    by Maggie Clancy
    July 9th

    Cat Facts: 5 Amazing Ways Your Cat Stays Cool In The Summer

    While the rest of us humans are dripping sweat and standing in front of window air conditioner units to stave off the summer heat, cats seem to have a cool head about it all. Cats may not pant like dogs or sweat like humans, but they do have some pretty interesting and clever ways of staying cool.

    by Maggie Clancy
    June 21st

    How To Safely Remove A Tick From Your Cat

    The best way to protect your cat from ticks is to prevent ticks from being able to use your cat as a buffet. But let’s say you have found a tick on your cat. How exactly do you go about removing it? Here’s how to do it safely.

    by Maggie Clancy
    May 23rd

    Cat Years: What Are They & How Long Do Cats Live?

    There is a common misconception that every human year equals seven cat years. This is not how you accurately measure out cat years, which isn’t an exact number. Here’s what you should know about cat years and how long cats tend to live.

    by Maggie Clancy
    May 22nd

    Cat Blood Types: Do You Know Your Cat’s Blood Type?

    If you have ever donated blood or needed surgery, you are more than familiar with your blood type. But what about your cat’s blood type? Knowing your cat’s blood type can be vital in times of emergency. Here is everything you need to know about the different cat blood types.

    by Maggie Clancy
    May 16th
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