Maggie Clancy

    5 Ways To Prep Your Cat For ‘Back To School’ Season

    While most cats may appear stoic and independent in nature, the sudden disappearance of you or your kids during ‘back to school’ time can cause a lot of stress. Here’s how to make the transition back to the grind of the school year for your cat as easy and calm as possible.

    by Maggie Clancy
    August 3rd

    Cat Facts: 5 Amazing Ways Your Cat Stays Cool In The Summer

    While the rest of us humans are dripping sweat and standing in front of window air conditioner units to stave off the summer heat, cats seem to have a cool head about it all. Cats may not pant like dogs or sweat like humans, but they do have some pretty interesting and clever ways of staying cool.

    by Maggie Clancy
    June 22nd

    Prednisone For Cats: Uses, Dosage, & Side Effects

    Prednisone and prednisolone are steroids used to reduce inflammation, treat some types of cancer, suppress the immune system, and act as an artificial replacement for glucocorticoid when the cat’s body is not making enough on its own. Here’s what you should know.

    by Maggie Clancy
    June 14th

    5 Ways To Keep Your Cat From Ruining Your Sex Life

    Whether it’s your first night with someone or you are with a long-term partner, having your cat stare at you from the foot of the bed probably was not a part of either of your fantasies. Here’s how to keep your sex life intact with a feline spectator.

    by Maggie Clancy
    June 1st

    Cat Blood Types: Do You Know Your Cat’s Blood Type?

    If you’ve ever donated blood or needed surgery, you’re probably familiar with your blood type.. But what about your cat’s blood type? Knowing your cat’s blood type can be vital in times of emergency. Here is everything you need to know about the different cat blood types.

    by Maggie Clancy
    May 27th

    How To Deal With A Food-Obsessed Cat

    I’ve grown concerned over my cat’s obsession with food. Anytime I’m in the kitchen, she cries and circles around my feet, begging for more. After a trip to the vet, I decided to try out these tips that might help you with your own food-obsessed cat.

    by Maggie Clancy
    May 21st

    How To Safely Remove A Tick From Your Cat

    The best way to protect your cat from ticks is to prevent ticks from being able to use your cat as a buffet. But let’s say you have found a tick on your cat. How exactly do you go about removing it? Here’s how to do it safely.

    by Maggie Clancy
    May 4th

    CBD Oil For Cats: Can It Help Felines Feel Better?

    More and more states are approving both the medical and recreational use of cannabis for humans. But does marijuana have any benefits for cats? Many humans use CBD for ailments like inflammation and anxiety, and pet parents are seeing similar effects for cats.

    by Maggie Clancy
    April 19th

    What Does Your Cat’s Zodiac Sign Say About Them?

    Confused about how your cat’s personality formed? While by no means scientific or factual, looking at your cat’s zodiac sign is a fun way to get a glimpse into why they perhaps act the way they do. And remember, it’s just for fun!

    by Maggie Clancy
    February 24th

    Does Your Cat Suffer From Season Affective Disorder?

    As the days are getting shorter and the temperatures are dropping, you may have noticed that you’re not the only one in the household who can’t seem to shake the “winter blues.” Does Seasonal Affective Disorder affect our cats? Here’s what you should know.

    by Maggie Clancy
    February 4th
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