White kitten with blue eyes poking head out of zipped sweatshirt of teenage girl
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Daily Dose Of Cute: Cat Loves Cuddling In Human’s Backwards Hoodie [VIDEO]

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If you’ve got a cat who loves to cuddle and be held, then you know how tired your arms can get from all that kitty love. But the TikTok user in the video above has found a solution in the form of a backwards hoodie.

User ppsychout decided to try the hoodie experiment with her feline at the recommendation of fellow TikTok user yesweskate. The result was an overwhelming success!

Her kitty seems to love snuggling in mom’s hoodie. It also works great for mom because she works from home and needs her hands to type. This way, the cat can stay close to her without needing to be held. Everybody wins!

And if you watched the video and wished that your shy cat could feel a little more comfy with snuggling, don’t worry! There are a few ways you can help a reserved kitty feel more comfortable.

How To Help A Shy Cat Feel More Comfortable

(Picture Credit: Karen Wunderman/Getty Images)

Some cats are more aloof and prefer not to get too close to humans. While you may never convert such a feline into a social butterfly, you can help them feel more comfortable overall.

Here are a few tips:

  • Start slow and small. When you bring your cat home, let them stay in one room or smaller area of the house until they get their bearings. Your home office or bedroom are good choices because they smell like you, and you’ll be in those rooms frequently.
  • Get on your cat’s level, and let them come to you. If you can sit on the floor, bend down, or make yourself smaller, rather than towering over them, your cat might be more likely to approach. You can also entice them with toys and treats.
  • Groom your cat. Keep it nice and relaxing. Your cat will appreciate the massage-like feel of being brushed or combed and come to look forward to spending that time with you.
  • Let them retreat. Once your cat feels more comfortable, you can let them roam through the rest of the house. But always make sure they can get to their safe space if they want to.

You can find a more thorough guide to these steps here!

Are you going to try the hoodie experiment in the video with your cat? How does your kitty like to snuggle with you? Let us know in the comments below!

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