The Best Cat Beds And Furniture

Providing your feisty feline with their own space to lounge around is as easy as picking up cute furniture and beds designed with cats in mind. You can also minimize the cat hair and scratching damage to your couches and comforters by ensuring they have somewhere to go where they won't be bothered. All you have to do is find a few options that fit in with the rest of your home.

What to Look For

Finding the perfect cat beds and furniture may seem tricky, but if you focus on durability, comfort, and overall style, you can quickly figure out which options will work best. For example, the Amazon Basics cat tower uses resilient jute fibers and a plush hammock to keep your kittie’s claws sharp while providing them with a cozy spot to nap. On the other hand, if you have limited space and a cat who loves to keep an eye on the world around them, the compact Pefuny window perch is perfect. These are both fabulous, but for a look at a few more fantastic options, continue reading below.

Amazon Basics Cat Tower

Versatile comfort

Your kitty can nap and play on this compact scratching post.
Best Overall

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The Amazon Basics cat tower includes two thick scratching posts made of high-quality jute to give your fluffy feline an easy way to get out their energy and keep their claws in shape. Meanwhile, the top’s built-in super soft hammock creates the perfect nest-style sleep space where your pet can take a nap or keep an eye on the rest of the room. And for added convenience, there are two neutral color options, making it easy to match your cat’s furniture to your home decor.


  • Broad base keeps this mini cat tree stable
  • Assembly is super simple and done within a few minutes
  • Fits cats of any size
  • Helps deter your cat from clawing couches and beds


  • A little short for adult cats to really stretch up to scratch

Bedsure Cat Cave Bed

Plush and private

This cozy hideaway helps your kitty feel safe and sound.
Runner Up

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Cats love caves, especially because they provide privacy and protection, and this one from Bedsure is fabulous. It has two cozy cuddle spots, a fluffy cushion, and a durable scratch pad for versatility. A wide door gives them easy access, while a plush sherpa lining adds an extra layer of security. Your cat can also lay on top, where there’s a reversible pad with a cool and warm side for maximum comfort.


  • Two-in-one bed design allows two cats to use it at once
  • Low design helps elderly or small cats get onto the bed safely
  • Cave helps shy cats feel safe enough to hang out in busier parts of the home
  • Spacious enough for large cats to go inside


  • Although sturdy, it can wobble a bit, which may scare your cat

Pefuny Window Perch

Safe sunbathing

Provide your feline friend with a lovely view with this easy-to-install window perch.
Best Window Bed

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If you have an adventurous kitty, or you’re trying to transition an outside cat to life inside, the Pefuny window perch has you covered. You can set it up on any window using powerful suction cups. From there, your fuzzy friend can see the outside world and enjoy the sunlight. They can also keep a keen eye on you and the rest of their subjects while staying nice and comfortable.


  • Assembly and installation are nearly effortless
  • You can set it up on any part of your window based on your cat’s preferences
  • No damage to your walls and no tools or hardware are necessary
  • Sturdy enough for large cats or two average-size cats to share


  • To ensure stability, you’ll want to add tape to the joints in the frame

Bewishome Condo Cat Tower

Mansion for the menagerie

This giant tree gives your cats room to gather and stare in judgment.
Best For Multiple Cats

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Keeping all of your minions happy in your multi-cat home can be challenging. The Bewishome condo cat tower can help. It’s massive and includes several platforms, caves, and hammocks where your cats can rest, play, and keep a judgmental eye on the rest of the underlings in the house. Best of all, it’s super sturdy and has a solid feel that ensures everyone’s safety.


  • Takes under an hour to put it together and have it in place
  • Super soft texture keeps cats cozy
  • Plenty of space for cats of all sizes and ages to play
  • You can easily vacuum it off for quick cleaning


  • Have to tighten up the screws and poles occasionally to ensure it stays stable

Nisrada Round Cat Bed

Pillow-like plushness

Save money without sacrificing your cat's comfort with this cozy bed.
Best On A Budget

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You don’t have to spend an arm and a leg to provide your cat with a comfortable spot to sleep, especially when you choose this round bed from Nisrada. It’s ultra-plush with a donut shape that’s been shown to help ease anxiety and help cats feel like they’re safely nestled in a nest. And with the wide range of sizes and colors, there’s always one to fit every home.


  • Affordable, especially considering the size and quality
  • Super fluffy texture helps kittens and cats feel safe
  • Machine-washable for quick and easy care
  • Supportive filling helps keep elderly cats stay comfortable


  • Needs to be reshaped after washing

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I ensure the cat furniture I choose is safe for my cat?

The best way to ensure your cat’s safety is to always follow the safety and weight guidelines of any furniture you choose. For example, if you choose a small cat tower with a 15-pound weight limit, it wouldn’t be safe to let your 25-pound Maine Coon sleep on it.

How many beds should I have for my cat?

We always recommend keeping at least one bed in every room of your home. That way, your cats always have a safe and comfortable place to hang out when they want to be near you.

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