The Best Cat Bowls

With how hungry our feline friends seem all the time, you'd think the bowl itself would make no difference in the feeding process. Unfortunately, if you're a new cat owner, you'll quickly find that this isn't the case. Get a bowl that's too narrow and your kitty will likely scoop out the food into the floor leaving you a nice mess to clean up in the mornings and evenings. Get one that's too deep and you may stress out your cat's whiskers as they try to get their fill. And the material matters as well — while plastic bowls are affordable, they can also breed bacteria over time. Below, we've gone ahead and done the research to help you find the perfect plate to help pamper your puss.

Neater Feeder Express Mess Proof Pet Feeder

Keep it in the bowl

With a dual reservoir design to collect water and food spills, this cat bowl will help keep your kitchen dry and dirt-free.
Best Mess Control

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Few things make pet owners happier than pleasing their furry friends. And when it comes to their happiness, dinner time never fails to disappoint. But in all that excitement, things can get pretty messy. If you have a not-so-tidy tabby, then consider getting a special cat bowl like this one by Neater Feeder. Feed two cats at once with the double bowl setup, or keep your water and food in one convenient feeder. Whichever way you choose, the dual-reservoir design keeps away mess. Spilled food is contained in the upper reservoir, while any water spillage drains into the lower reservoir. The feeder even has non-skid rubber feet to help keep your kitties stable while munching on their kibble.


  • Two color options available
  • Dishwasher-safe components
  • Elevated to prevent digestion problems


  • Light, plastic construction makes it easy for your cat to push the top and bottom apart

Hubulk Stainless Steel Pet Bowl

Squeaky clean in seconds

This stainless-steel, silicone feeding stand makes daily cleaning an easy, breezy task.
Easiest To Clean

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Though we should avoid spoiling our pets, a few luxuries here and there never hurt. One of the simplest ones that we sometimes don’t have time for is keeping those food bowls clean after every meal. Not only will you get your cat to enjoy their food more but you’ll also keep away any bacteria or germs which may have developed throughout the day in the leftover food bits. And because cleaning can be a pain, we prefer to buy a feeder that makes that task easier right from the very start. The Hubulk Stainless Steel Pet Bowl is our top choice for easy cleaning because every component of it is dishwasher-safe. Easily removable from the stand, the bowls can be wiped and cleaned after every meal in between deeper machine washes. Plus, the bone-shaped silicone stand holds the stainless steel bowls in place while your kitty munches, preventing extra bits from getting on the floor, too.


  • Raised edge to prevent spills
  • Comes with a BPA-free food scoop
  • Great cost value


  • Bowls are hard to carry in the silicone stand when full

Petkit Cybertail Elevated Cat Bowls

Elevation for easy digestion

Raised bowls like this adjustable, stainless-steel option maintain your cat's posture and also keep them from vomiting up their food.
Best Raised Bowls

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Because our cats can’t directly communicate all of their needs to us, we have to do a bit of research to make sure we’re keeping our babies safe and happy. And, believe it or not, mealtime is one of the moments where our choices can do more harm than good. Choosing the right bowl for your kitty is critical in making sure their digestive system is working as it should. That’s why we recommend raised bowls for most feline friends, especially those cats with health problems. Even for totally healthy kitties, elevated cat bowls like this stainless steel dual-set by Petkit help improve your cat’s posture and prevent them from eating too fast. And because the tilt on the bowls is adjustable between a 0- and 15-degree angle, you can experiment to see which position works best for your cat.


  • Bowls unscrew from the stand for easy cleaning
  • Heat-resistant, food-grade stainless steel bowls
  • Replacement bowls can be purchased


  • The deeper bowl may cause whisker fatigue

Y YHY Ceramic Cat Food Bowls Set

A healthier bowl for healthier cats

Keep your kitten's feeder free of bacteria and bad odors with this sanitary alternative to plastic bowls.
Best Ceramic Bowl

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One factor pet owners often neglect is the material of the bowl itself. While plastic bowls are cheaper and easier to find, they’re easily scratched and can harbor bacteria over time. Additionally, plastic bowls tend to absorb old food smells, which may make your cat less eager to chow down. Instead, we prefer ceramic bowls like this cute-shaped set by Y YHY. Rust-free and more sanitary than plastic or stainless steel alternatives, these bowls will keep your kittens healthy for longer. And because they’re microwavable as well, you can further cater to your furbaby’s needs without jeopardizing their safety.


  • Cute food bowls with cat ear design
  • Elevated bowls to reduce neck strain and reduce mess
  • Easy to hand wash or throw in the dishwasher


  • Smaller bowl size holds less food and water
  • The stand is only raised slightly off the floor

Dr. Catsby Cat Food Bowl

A wiser width for whiskers

The wider, shallower design of this bowl will ensure a stress-free eating experience for your kitty.
Most Whisker-Friendly

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All cats are not created equal. Their bowls shouldn’t be either. If your kitty has a flatter, shorter face, then a deep bowl is likely to cause unwanted neck strain and whisker fatigue. Because cats’ whiskers are super sensitive, they often pull back their whiskers when eating to avoid painful contact with the sidewalls of the dish, resulting in an unpleasant dining experience. One of the ways to prevent this from happening is getting a shallower, wider bowl like this cleverly designed feeder by Dr. Catsby. Without deep corners, your cat’s food will remain in the center of the bowl, helping them eat slower to digest their food properly. And because they won’t have to dip their faces all the way in to get at the bottom bits, they’ll also have less food left on their chin, preventing feline acne from forming.


  • Non-toxic and non-allergenic stainless steel
  • Doesn’t hold smells
  • Detachable, anti-skid silicone base


  • Higher cost

Frequently Asked Questions

Should my cat’s bowl always be full?

Unfortunately, not every cat responds to the call of dinner, which may make you tempted to leave food out all day. But this may lead to overeating and digestive problems. That’s why experts recommend feeding your kitty once or twice a day at a set time. And if you’ve got a finicky eater, then try adding a bit of stimulation to dinner time. For example, you can put some of their food in an activity ball.

Can two cats share the same food bowl?

If you have several cats at home, you may think it’s easier to have a bigger food bowl and water bowl for all of them. However, this goes against the nature of cats. Because cats are wired to be protective of their food, making several share the same bowl can lead to overeating, fighting, and possessive behavior that will translate to other social interactions. While more aggressive cats can still take over other cats’ food portions, you can prevent this by staggering their feeding times or feeding them in different rooms.