The Best Cat Furniture for Your Home

Cat furniture can make a world of difference when it comes to your furry pal's overall well-being and happiness. You'll need something with at least one claw-friendly surface, and you should also pick furniture that's made to last (not something made from flimsy materials). Of course, choosing the right cat furniture really all comes down to your cat's personality, activity level, and personal preferences. To help you select the right product for your precious pet, we've rounded up a list of our favorite pieces of furniture here.

unipaws Cat Bench

A truly awesome product

In terms of style, function, and durability, this cat house checks all the boxes.
Best Bench

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The sleekly designed unipaws Cat Bench pulls double-duty. First, it functions as a cute nightstand that hides your cat’s litter box, blending in seamlessly with the rest of your decor. And, it’s also a cozy spot for your cat to hang out on, with a wide top space and cat hole. We love that this bench is plenty durable, too, with a magnetic touch design and solid wood construction. Keep your home sanitary and your cat happy with this awesomely versatile furniture piece.


  • The nightstand hides your cat’s litter box or bed
  • A stylish piece of decor
  • Wide top space has plenty of storage room
  • Made of super-solid wood, with sturdy metal hinges
  • Assembly is quick and easy


  • On the pricey side

PEFUNY Cat Perch

Your furry friend's new haunt

Kitties of all ages and activity levels love hanging out on this perch.
Best Window Perch

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All kitties love to sunbathe and watch the world go by, which is why the PEFUNY Cat Perch is such a great product. This perch can accommodate cats of all sizes, with its sturdy, nonslip suction cups and stainless steel materials. Plus, the cozy hammock space is complete with super-soft flannel pads, so your kitty can comfortably enjoy the sunshine, all day long.


  • Allows your cat to sunbathe and look out the window
  • Covered by rugged, removable fabric that’s easy to maintain
  • Suction cups are sturdy and non-slip
  • Comes with a cozy, soft flannel mat


  • It does take a while to assemble

Nova Cat Tree

Scratch-happy cats will be in heaven

Watch with delight as your feline friend scratch and explores this tree.
Best Tree

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Do you have an active, scratching cat on your hands? The Nova Cat Tree is a must-have. This towering, multi-tiered tree has tons of options for cats to choose from, so it’s bound to appease your cat. There are resting spots, multiple spots to jump to, scratch pads, and toys galore. Also, we love that it’s very sturdy (perfect for cats that are jumpers) and covered in skin-friendly, soft plush fabric. As a bonus, this tree is also perfect for households with more than one cat.


  • Has multiple levels and playtime options
  • Great for cats prone to lots of scratching
  • Made with skin-friendly, plush materials
  • Roomy enough to accommodate cats of all sizes
  • Solid, durable construction


  • This tree comes with too much packaging

Bedsure Cat Bed

The perfect sleep and play space

Your cat will equally love lounging and playing in this cave.
Best Cave

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The Bedsure Cat Bed provides a homey, inviting interior that will make your kitty feel safe and snug. This enclosed cat house is thoughtfully designed and ideal for cats who love to hide away and have their own space. It comes equipped with a durable scratching board and even a plush hanging ball, so cats can be as active or sedentary as they want. Don’t be surprised if your kitty spends entire days nestled inside this cozy little cave.


  • Can accommodate kittens and adult cats
  • The fluffy cushion provides maximum comfort
  • Lightweight yet sturdy
  • Ball hanging on the hole attracts cats to play
  • Has a side scratcher


  • The packaging odor is strong

Trixie Cat Cave

Endless entertainment for kitties

This hammock provides tons of hours of fun and relaxation.
Best Hammock

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All cats love the Trixie Cat Cave since it offers more than a few options. There’s a sisal scratching surface, so they can claw to their heart’s content. There’s a hanging ball on a string that they can bat back and forth. And, there’s even a plush hammock and cat cave space for rest time. No doubt about it, your kitty will be one happy little camper.


  • Covered with super-soft, plush, comfy materials
  • Has a sisal scratching surface
  • Awesome for small spaces
  • The removable cushion is easy to wash
  • Comes with toys on strings


  • Not really well-suited for larger cats

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of a cat tree?

Cat trees are wonderful since they allow cats to freely explore, climb, and scratch without destroying any of your belongings. This is especially helpful if you live in a small or modestly-sized apartment, without a ton of extra space for your cat to roam around.

How do I choose the right cat tree?

There are tons of different kinds of cat trees, and picking the right one will depend on a few key factors and considerations. First, it’s important to select a tree that’s the right size for your cat. If your cat is big on scratching, be sure to get something with multiple scratching surfaces. And, if your cat is super-playful and active, a taller cat tree with more space between the levels may be appropriate (and of course, less so for an older, less active cat).

How can I train my cat to use a cat tree?

A tried-and-true way to get your cat to warm up to a cat tree is by sprinkling catnip on it and then giving them plenty of space and time to explore and be near the smell.