The Best Cat Furniture for Your Home

If you own a cat, you likely already know that your feline friend needs both mental and physical stimulation. This includes being able to leap, scratch, play, stretch, and sleep comfortably. Some of these kitty instincts are so strong, that if you don't provide an outlet for them, your cat will figure it out on her own. (Read: your furniture's going to get absolutely mauled.) To create the perfect domestic oasis so your kitty can pursue that lavish life, check out this list. Our team researched and selected furniture that's both functional and stylish, so whatever kind of feline needs you're looking to meet, you're bound to find something here.

Petmaker Cozy Kitty Igloo

Rock-a-Bye, Kitty

If Whiskers is the type to be found snoozing inside of bizarre, confined spaces, this one may be just right.
Coziest Bed

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Is it something instinctual that leads our feline companions to sleep in tight, confined spaces? It’s not our place to say, but what we can say is that it sure as heck looks strange. Funny-looking or not, sleep is one of the most essential factors in your kitty’s health (obviously), so you’re going to want to encourage the healthiest sleep they can get, no matter how whimsical the bed might look to you. Aside from the privacy and sense of safety that this bed’s enclosed hood provides, the bed itself is velvety-soft, ultra-affordable (seriously, look at that price), and easy to clean. Plus, if Whiskers loathes comfort (hey, cats aren’t the most logic-driven beings), you can always remove the foam insert inside to accommodate his preferences.


  • Lovely color and cute design make it look nice in your home
  • Lightweight, so you can move it to another room with ease whenever you need to
  • Really, the price is hard to beat


  • The structure isn’t the most supportive, so it might fall over easily if your cat likes to roll around or stretch inside it

Go Pet Club 62-Inch Cat Tree

The Only Kind of Tree You Want Your Cat In

This cat tree contains a wide variety of perches, posts, and other fun terrains for your kitty to explore.
Best Cat Tree

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Ah, the inimitable cat tree. Few pieces of furniture are more perplexing in function or stranger-looking to the uninitiated than the cat tree. Designed to meet a variety of a cat’s needs, cat trees typically provide a mix of sleeping platforms, overlook towers, scratching posts, and more. This one is no exception. With two flat platforms, one nap cubby, a raised-edge perch, a ladder, tunnel, basket, and multiple scratching polls, this cat tree is something of a feline funhouse. Looks pretty fun, right? Don’t get any crazy ideas, though – it’s for your cat, not for you. We don’t want to catch you trying to sneak in a cat nap on this thing.


  • Available in multiple different colorways, so you can pick the one that best suits your home’s decor (or your cat’s preferences)
  • Includes instructions and installation tools, making it quite easy to assemble
  • Scratching posts are wrapped in sisal rope, which is great for cats who enjoy scratching


  • Some of the platforms are a bit small for larger cats

K&H Pet Products Kitty Sill

How Much Is That Kitty In the Window?

Cat can't help but look out at the cars and passersby through your home's windows? This one's for her.
Best Window Perch

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If Bella does double duty as neighborhood watchwoman by spending much of the day gazing out of your home’s windows, you’ll want to consider picking up a kitty sill like this one from K&H. Designed to serve as a flat platform that attaches to your window via adhesive Velcro, this one does away with the need for having cat furniture on the floor. If you have initial doubts about whether a Velcro-reliant unit could be strong and supportive enough to support a cat, we don’t blame you. We had the same concern at the onset of our research. Turns out, this thing is heavy-duty enough to support even heavier cats – all the way up to those of 40 pounds.


  • Available in multiple colorways, including leopard or zebra print
  • Includes a 1-year limited warranty
  • No tools required to install it
  • Easy-to-wash design ensures it’s a hygienic option


  • Cushioning isn’t the comfiest

Trixie Pet Products Miguel Fold and Store Cat Tower

Cat's In the Cradle

Scratch, nap, and lounge the day away in this marvelous, compact hammock-style tower.
Best Hammock

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Unlike us humans, our housecats have no need to wait for that vacation in Cancun to lounge in a hammock for days on end. If your cat is a devotee to the finer things in life, lounging in luxury is sure to appeal. This unit’s standout feature is its top-tier hammock, but it’s much more than just a hammock. The bottom tier houses a cozy, plush-lined condo, and the exterior’s sides boast natural sisal scratching surfaces. All in all, this unit combines luxury and practicality in one.


  • Extremely small form factor, so it’s great if you’re pressed for space
  • Excellent cost value


  • Balls that hang off the side for play are a nice idea, but they could wrap around your cat’s paws and get stuck, so they’re a bit of a risk. Consider cutting them off

Dimaka Tall Cat Scratching Post

Cat Scratch Fever (Well, Not That Kind)

This tall post offers your large cat the ability to scratch and stretch to his heart's content.
Best Scratching Post

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Take a look at this one’s pictures and you’ll see that it is truly as simple as a piece of cat furniture could be. Conceived as a tall scratching post, this one is comprised of a plush-covered base, a strong cardboard-wrapped tube with sisal twine, and a hanging plush ball at the top to lure your cat towards the post’s tippy top. At just over 2.5 feet in height, this one is great for larger cats, especially those who seem to always be stretching.


  • Great for cats who otherwise might be inclined to stretch by climbing and scratching off-limits furniture
  • Takes only minutes to assemble
  • Taller than most of the competitors, allowing for a fuller stretch, especially for larger cats


  • Not the highest quality construction, so if you’re looking to buy something that’ll last for years and years, this may not be the one
  • Base isn’t the most stable

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a particular type of cat furniture that’s the best at stopping my cat from scratching up my entire house?

Actually, yes. If Whiskers won’t stop scratching, there’s a simple solution: scratching posts. A cat tree, for example, will contain multiple scratching posts. You’ll want one that has sisal rope because it attracts cats. Another good bet is to have cat furniture with climbing poles. Providing an outlet for that desire to climb can prevent your kitty from clawing at that high-up drapery.

I’ve got a pretty small apartment. What furniture would suit me and my cat best?

This depends. If you’re looking for a cat tree, you’ll want to keep in mind that they can be quite large and complicated in their design. This can mean that they take up a lot of space. Be sure to check your available dimensions and shop accordingly. Certain cat trees are designed to be more narrow than others, opting for a more vertical-oriented design. Options like that would be a good bet for a small apartment.

Will my cat naturally gravitate towards the cat tree? How do I entice her to take to it?

As we mentioned, if the cat tree has scratching posts with sisal rope, your cat will naturally be drawn to it. However, you might need to provide a little incentive to get your cat onto the tree in the first place. You might want to sprinkle a little catnip in the area to accomplish that. If not catnip, maybe some toys, or even a favorite meal. Also, be sure to place the cat furniture in a room that your cat frequents.