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If you're looking for an irresistible treat for your cat, we suggest getting them some catnip. Catnip comes from a plant in the mint family. When cats are exposed to it, they display feelings of enjoyment. Some cats purr, some roll around on the floor, and others get super sleepy. Catnip is safe, enjoyable, and fun. If you are on the hunt for some catnip for your feline, here are our favorite options on the market today.

Temptations Classic Crunchy and Soft Cat Treats

The cherry on top

These treats come in large boxes and are available in a range of flavors — including catnip.
Best Overall

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Edible catnip treats are well-loved by many cats, and the treats’ small size means that a little can go a long way. Each serving is under two calories per piece, which is ideal as many pet treats can make a cat unhealthy. If your cat is on a diet, they can still enjoy this product. The secure container also makes it easier to store the catnip, as curious cats can easily open bags. The box also helps keep the product fresher for longer. And for such an affordable price, it’s a great value.

This catnip is difficult to fault, but it does contain some artificial colors and ingredients. But it’s also fortified to include other essential nutrients and vitamins to offset this slight disadvantage.

Catit Cat Scratcher Boards with Catnip

Scratch and sniff

Doubling as a cat scratcher, this catnip-infused product allows your cat to inhale catnip instead of ingesting it, all while they sharpen their claws.
Best For Energetic Cats

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Cat scratchers are an essential tool for many cats, not least because it helps avoid furniture damage. If you are looking to encourage your cat not to scratch on other more valuable areas of your home, having a catnip-infused scratcher can really help with the transition. It also allows your cat to experience catnip without feeding them treats, which may be inappropriate if your cat is overweight or suffers from sensitivities or allergies to certain food ingredients.

This product is made from cardboard, which many cats love to scratch. But it could create a mess in your home and shorten the product’s lifespan as cardboard is not the most durable material. Catnip is infused into the product, so it’s not the same as rewarding them with food, meaning you may have to buy other cat treats.

OurPets Catnip-Filled Cat Toy

Ensured a fulfilling play experience

This banana-shaped toy is designed to aid mental stimulation and to give your cat the benefit of exposure to catnip through play.
Best Toy

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Cats love their toys, especially if it involves a game or puzzle. As this toy has catnip hidden within it that is released with applied pressure, it will keep them curious about the scent. The product is pre-filled with catnip, meaning you don’t have to buy this separately or top it up.

The fact that this toy is not refillable means less hassle for you, but it also means that if your cat finds that the toy’s scent is not strong enough, you can’t top it up or put it through a wash cycle if it gets dirty.

OurPets Cosmic Catnip

Like lightning in a bottle

This is a highly potent loose catnip that you can spread across the floor for your cat to roll around in and enjoy.
Most Potent

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If your cat enjoys rolling around in catnip so the scent covers their fur, then a loose version such as this product could be ideal. You can also use this product to infuse catnip into toys or particular areas of your home. The 2.25oz jar is secure and helps keep the product fresh.

This product seems to have mixed reactions from cats. It’s probably not the most potent option out there. But not all cats react to catnip in general, so that should be taken into consideration. The packaging does not have a seal that could keep it fresher longer.

SmartyKat Certified Organic Catnip

Organic and affordable

This organic catnip is free of all the bad stuff — including a high price tag.
Best On A Budget

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The most significant advantage of this product is its low cost, which is about half the price of other loose catnip products. The loose leaves make it easy to spread around the home or put into toys. The slim pouch packaging takes up far less space than plastic containers, meaning you can store it more discreetly.

The container is lightweight, but it could be easy for your cat to claw the packaging open. Some users have found their cats to not react to the scent, despite being very reactive to other catnip brands.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do cats love catnip?

The answer lies in the leaves of catnip, which emit a scent that evokes a positive reward in a cat’s brain. Catnip, also known as Nepeta cataria, is a plant that belongs to the mint family. Cats’ reaction to catnip is caused by an organic molecule that is released from the plant called nepetalactone. Cats are highly attracted to nepetalactone and will display their delight through licking, chewing, or rolling in the scent. Some cats will meow and even drool when they come into contact with it. Catnip stimulates three different key areas of the cat’s brain, which explains why it produces such a strong reaction.

Do all cats react to catnip?

No. Cats that are under six months old do not respond to catnip. In addition, it’s estimated only 50 – 70% of cats respond to catnip in general. In addition to the age variable, genetics play a part in whether your cat is likely to respond to catnip or not. Catnip has been tested on domestic cats as well as big cats such as tigers and lions.

How often should I give my cat catnip?

Catnip will only affect your cat for around fifteen minutes. After this time, it will take up to two hours before they become receptive to it again. If cats are exposed to catnip too frequently, they may become desensitized to it. Therefore, it’s advised not to give your cat catnip more than twice a month. Keep this in mind when introducing lots of toys or scratching posts that are infused with catnip, especially if you also give your cat loose catnip as a treat, too.

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