The Best Cat Trees

Keeping your feline friends happy, healthy, and entertained is the hallmark of a good pet owner. A good cat tree can help you with all three of these things. A bored cat can become destructive around the house, and a lazy or stressed cat can quickly become unhealthy. That's why it's essential to provide your cat with toys that stimulate them. Cat trees provide a place to play and scratch or stretch out and relax, making them many cats' favorite spots. They also come in all shapes, sizes, colors, and configurations, so you're sure to find one that suits your cat and home.

What to Look For

In researching the best cat trees, we focused on three important features: their size, the number and variety of platforms, and the materials they used. Our favorite is the Bewishome Multi-Level Cat Condo, which boasts a sturdy and stable design with enough nooks and crannies to satisfy any feline. For heavy scratchers, we also love the Amazon Cat Activity Tree, which features three jute-wrapped posts and compact overall size. Read on to discover more of our favorite cat trees and to find one that your furry friend will love.

Bewishome Multi-Level Cat Condo

All-in-one fun

This cat condo is an all-in-one solution for giving a cat a place to scratch, sleep, and simply unwind.
Best Overall

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The cat tree features multiple levels, each with a series of interesting structures and activities for a cat to enjoy. The product comes included with several scratching posts. This keeps the cat’s claws away from furniture around the house. Multiple perches are also included, along with hammocks and baskets. There are two houses included too, providing a safe location for a cat to nap. The cat tree comes in two different color options. These include smoky grey and light grey.

The price of this particular cat tree may be a little too high for some cat owners. The product also features quite a large number of structures, which could be too much for people who only have a single cat in their home. The limited color varieties may also be a disadvantage for some potential customers.

Amazon Basics Cat Activity Tree

Cat scratch fever

Young or old, your cat is sure to fall head over paws with this cat tree.
Best For Scratching

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This cat tree is one of the best ones if your cat is obsessed with scratching. Hyperactive cats can scratch to their heart’s content on the four scratching posts. Unlike other trees that only cover a fraction of the posts with rope, the posts on this cat tree are wrapped top to bottom with jute. The sturdy square base takes up just over a square foot, making this cat tree easy to tuck away in a corner and forget about.

The only downside to this cat tree is there’s no way to take the carpet off to do a deep cleaning. As you can imagine, cat trees can get pretty hairy with your cat spending hours on them. If you notice the tree getting hairier than you’re comfortable with, just run a vacuum cleaner over the surface a few times until it is sufficiently clean.

Furhaven Tiger Tough Cat Tree

Fun for everyone

This cat tree offers five levels of activities and platforms for any cat to enjoy, regardless of age.
Best Activity Cat Tree

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There are multiple layers that cats can utilize however they like. The cat tree comes in a variety of colors and styles, ensuring the customer can get a product that is most suitable to the number and type of cats they own. The cat tree is layered with a soft material, providing a more comfortable surface for the cats that will be using the tree. There are two scratch posts included, as well as two compartments that cats can use to nap.

The tree might be too big for people who are living in a small apartment. Some of the styles available can be quite pricey, making the product less ideal for a cat owner who has a tight budget. The two condos included in the cat tree may not be large enough for some of the bigger cat species.

Feandrea Cat Tower

For the cool cats out there

The wood veneer on this cat tree isn't something you see often, but we love the vintage touch.
Best Retro

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Aside from the vintage-style appeal, we can appreciate the high-quality materials used to make this cat tree, and we can’t help but love the cute little windows that are placed along the sides. They give your cat a place to peer out of while relaxing on the fluffy cushions. The four cushions can easily be removed and washed to keep their snow-like appearance. The ease of cleaning makes maintaining this cat tree easier than most and can extend its life.

Although this cat tree is very stylish, this comes at the cost of giving up some scratching space. The wood does not make a suitable scratching surface, so your kitty will have to stick to sharpening their claws on the one post and scratching mat.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are cat trees safe for kittens?

Cat trees are safe for kittens and play an important role in keeping them healthy and happy. Kittens are little balls of energy, so giving them toys and a designated space to get all of their excitement out will keep them from getting stressed or ruining your furniture and shoelaces. Some people worry about kittens falling from perches, but a good rule of thumb is that if they can get up, they can get down. Still, you should keep an eye on kittens when they are playing on the tree for the first time and help them if they look like they’re struggling.

Is bigger always better?

Bigger isn’t always better, and it’s not always necessary either. You shouldn’t just look for the biggest cat tree out there when a smaller one can do the same job. Bigger trees will, of course, have more space, but if you only have one or two cats, there’s no need to splurge on a giant cat tree.

What kind of cat tree is best for senior cats?

Senior cats tend to have lower energy levels but can still benefit from cat trees that are meant for them. Cat trees for seniors will usually have more resting spots than playing spots and may feature steps or ramps that help your old friend navigate the tree. Even if your cat spends lots of time napping, don’t buy a tree without a scratching post. Cats never stop loving a good scratching post, and it is essential to keep their claws healthy at any age.

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