The Best Cat Tunnel For Indoor Cats

It's no secret that cats love to squeeze themselves into small spaces. And if you own more than one, you've probably seen how much they enjoy chasing and playfully surprising each other from inside a cardboard box or from the laundry basket. A cat tunnel is a toy that encourages this type of instinctual play and keeps them entertained for hours. Plus, these collapsible tunnels let your kitty explore, hide from stressful situations, and curl up for a long, cozy nap. Of course, there are plenty of different tunnel designs and styles to choose from. From the classic single-tube choice to multi-tube options, there's a tunnel for every cat. To help you find the right one for your home and your furry friend, we've gathered a list of some of the best cat tunnels available today.

Tempcore Cat Tunnel

Triple the fun

With three tunnel channels and an attached toy, this cat tunnel is easily our favorite.
Best Overall

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Tell your kitty to get ready for hours of fun and exercise, because this toy delivers. The Tempcore cat tunnel features three spacious channels for your cat to explore, a peephole in the middle, and a hanging ball for extra fun and exercise. Designed to be durable, this tunnel is made with tear-resistant polyester and an enclosed stainless steel frame for structure. It’s also collapsible so you can take the entertainment anywhere you’d like and it’s offered in different colors like blue, red, and grey. So if you need a compact yet interactive toy for your cat, we’d recommend this cat tunnel by Tempcore.


  • Made from durable materials
  • Features three tunnels
  • Great value for the price


  • Especially for larger cats, we wish the tunnels were a bit longer

PetLike S Way Cat Tunnel

Simple and hassle-free

This model is the most simple to collapse, store, and take with you on trips with your furry friend.
Most Portable

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Sometimes you may need to tidy up for guests and temporarily store your cat toys. Or, you might enjoy taking trips with your little furball and may want to bring their toys with you. In such cases, we’d suggest this one-channel tunnel by PetLike. Because of the simple and streamlined design, this toy can collapse almost completely flat while being secured with the attached ties for easy storage until it’s time to play again. Made in an s-shaped form, this long tunnel features two peek-a-boo holes and one ball for tons of fun. It’s also great for your cat to lounge in when they want some space to themselves.


  • Lead and phthalate-free
  • Easy to store
  • Offered in over five different colors and patterns


  • This may not be suitable for destructive cats

Western Home WH Cat Tunnels

Rambunctious kitten approved

If you have a new kitten with a love for chewing, this durable cat tunnel has you covered.
Most Chew Proof

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Some may think chewing and biting is only a puppy issue, but they would be mistaken. Kittens also have their bouts of gnawing and mouthing. But this tunnel by Western Home can handle it. Made with ultra-strong and tear-resistant polyester, this tunnel has a stainless steel frame to help withstand any damage your little guy or gal might try to inflict. It also has three connected tunnels and built-in crinkle paper to encourage interaction. Plus, it has a compact design that easily folds into most carrying bags for travel or storage.


  • Tough, durable design for chewers
  • Three tunnel system
  • Built-in crinkle paper


  • The string that the complimentary ball hangs on is not chew proof

Kitty City Large Cat Tunnel Bed

Mini playground for cats

As an interchangeable exploration tunnel and cozy cat nap haven, this model has it all.
Most Versatile

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This adorable cat tunnel is impressively versatile. Perfect for large cats or more than one cat, this tunnel features multiple entries, exit points, and a plush bed in the middle for napping. It also has zippers on each end so you can turn it into a full circle, a half-moon, or two separate tunnels. The entryways that are available when this tunnel is turned into a full circle have a super cute, cat-ear shape and offer hanging toys for your kitty to play with. Plus, you’ll have the choice between two stylish patterns. This tunnel soft yet structured and is sure to provide endless enjoyment.


  • Many ways of use and set up
  • Offered in two adorable pattern options
  • Includes a cozy, plush bed


  • This one is on the pricier end

Pet Craft Supply Magic Mewnicorn Cat Tunnel

Cute and fun

With a fun unicorn-theme design, this cat tunnel offers extra tubes for your fluff ball to run through.
Most Unique Design

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This darling cat tunnel is in the unique shape of a unicorn, adding a touch of whimsy and color to your cat’s play area. It has six entryways and exit points, a three-layer polyester material that resists snagging and tears, and a steel frame to maintain the tunnel’s shape. The smaller tunnels that are meant to be the unicorn’s legs are great for playing hide and seek, while the dangling plush tail is perfect for batting and swatting. It’s also made with built-in crinkle paper to encourage curiosity, and it folds down in seconds for easy storage.


  • Magical unicorn shape
  • Makes a fun gift for any cat owner
  • Has multiple openings for exploring


  • There is a good amount of crinkle paper which may make it a bit noisy

Frequently Asked Questions

What should I look for when purchasing a cat tunnel?

We suggest you look for a design that suits your home. Some tunnels are quite longer than others and have different styles that may or may not fit your current decor or space. We also recommend you think about if you’d like a tunnel with crinkle paper, which be noisy. it’s also good to look for added features like complimentary toys, peepholes, or plush bedding so your cat gets the most out of their new little playground.

Why should I get a cat tunnel?

Tunnels make a great toy that lets your cat implement their instincts. Cats love to hide, hunt, stalk, and jump, so a tunnel is the perfect stomping ground. They also allow your kitty to get a bit of exercise in, sleep in while feeling safe and helps them stay entertained throughout the day.