The Best Cat Tunnels

As a cat owner, you probably know how much cats love to squeeze into small spaces. Cardboard boxes, trundles, laundry baskets; any tight space will do. “If I fit in it, I sit in it,” as the old saying goes. So instead of having to vacuum cat hair out of your trundle or laundry basket every day, maybe you can buy something for your cat that satisfies these primal feline instincts. That’s where the cat tunnel comes in. Cat tunnels are collapsable tunnel systems that your cat can explore or curl up inside. In other words, mini-playground sets that whisk your cat away to kitty Nirvana. Just place the tunnel set on the floor, and watch your cat enjoy hours of sneaking and sleeping inside. Every cat owner wants a cat tunnel these days, so the market has become saturated with many options. To help you narrow down your choices, we’ve lined up this list of the very best cat tunnels for your feline friend to enjoy.

Tempcore Three-Way Tunnel

Three To Tango

Tempcore’s cat tunnel is sure to keep your cat entertained for hours with its three-way entrance and dangled ball toys.
Best Overall

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With three different entranceways to choose from, this cat tunnel from Tempcore is undoubtedly going to pique your cat’s curiosity. This spacious cat tunnel features a peephole and ball toy for extra kitty entertainment. The tubes are made with ultra-strong, tear-resistant polyester, which means despite your cat’s best efforts, the lining will stay intact regardless of scratching and chewing. The tubes are around 10” tall and 17” deep, which is plenty of space for your cat to get lost in. The tunnel system also easily collapses for compact storage. We highly recommend this durable, entertaining cat tunnel to all cat lovers.


  • Three-way entrance
  • Tear-resistant polyester lining
  • Collapsible for compact storage


  • The tunnels might be too small for larger cats

Pet Craft Supply Magic Mewnicorn Multi-Cat Tunnel

Feline Fantasy

This unicorn-themed cat tunnel from Pet Craft Supply is as cute as it is fun.
Best Gift

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Unfortunately, we’ll never be able to own or even hang out with unicorns. However, with this cat tunnel from Pet Craft Supply, you can at least make your cat feel like one. Amusingly designed with unicorn features, this four-foot tunnel is every feline’s fantasy. The tunnel includes four smaller offshoot tubes and a dangling unicorn tail at the end for play. We can’t get enough of this hilariously adorable design. Here’s a big recommendation to any crossover cat/fantasy lovers.


  • Playful purple unicorn design
  • Unicorn tail made into a dangling toy
  • Four offshoot exit tubes


  • Only one straight tube, which might get old for some cats

Co-Z Collapsible Cat Tunnel

Cat Crawl Central

Give your cat a neat place to sneak away with this entertaining three-way cat tunnel from Co-Z.
Best with Toy

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This cat tunnel from Co-Z is the kind of purchase that can create a lifelong bond between a kitty and his or her human. With three entranceways, some dangly toys, and a peephole in the center, we’re hard-pressed to imagine a cat that wouldn’t have a blast in here. Cats crave a place where they can play, rest, and get some quality alone time in. Co-Z’s three-way cat tunnel can provide your cat with just that. And when you consider the durable scratch-resistant polyester material that makes up the tubes, this may very well be the only cat tunnel you ever need to purchase.


  • Scratch-resistant tube material
  • Three-way entrance
  • Compact storage


  • Might be too small for larger cats
  • Can sometimes collapse while cats are inside

Kitty City Cat Tunnel

Circles of Fun

Watch your cat make the rounds in this amusing circular cat tunnel from Kitty City that also functions as a bed.
Most Versatile

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We love this cat tunnel (and so will your cat) because it gives your feline a full closed tube to get lost in. Most other cat tunnels have openings where the cat can be seen from most angles, but this tunnel can give your cat the privacy they sometimes need. Alternatively, for super playful cats, this tunnel provides a perfect circle for them to zip around in. What’s more, Kitty City includes a cat bed that goes in the center of the circle for your cat to catch some Zs in. The cat tunnel also showcases some versatility by giving you the option to unhook the tube and convert it into a semi-circle. Throw in some amusing dangly ball toys for swatting and you’ll have a truly unique and entertaining cat tunnel for any cat to enjoy.


  • Unique circle design
  • Includes a cat bed
  • Can unhook into a semi-circle


  • On the pricier side
  • The bed could be softer

Dreamsoule 2-in-1 Cat Tunnel/Bed

Sneak and Sleep

Dreamsoule’s versatile cat tunnel/bed combo is a one-stop-shop for any cat, featuring toys, a cool place to hide away, and a comfy place to sleep.
Premium Pick

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This cat tunnel from Dreamsoule has it all. Right off the bat, we were taken by the unique design and appealing color scheme. This cat tunnel features a cat bed and curtains that hang above to create a makeshift cove for your kitty to sleep and hang out in. Most cat tunnels use a polyester or plastic material for the tube lining, but this cat tunnel separates itself from the pack with its ultra-soft suede fabric lining. And, of course, no cat tunnel would be complete without its fair share of dangling ball toys. Keep in mind, however, that Dreamsoule’s tunnel is on the smaller side, so if you have a large or claustrophobic cat, this might not be the right pick for you. Alternatively, if your cat loves a tight squeeze, this is the perfect pick for you.


  • Durable and soft suede fabric lining
  • Features cat bed and curtains for semi-enclosure and security
  • Appealing, muted color scheme


  • Small in size
  • A bit expensive

Frequently Asked Questions

Would my dog enjoy a cat tunnel also?

While this kind of toy is definitely marketed and manufactured primarily for cats, dogs have been known to enjoy them too. If you find your dog exhibiting some cat-like tendencies, such as squeezing into tight spots to sleep, a cat tunnel might be a perfect gift for your pup. We think it’d be particularly fitting for people who own both cats and dogs, so the cats would be able to show the dogs how it’s done.

Wouldn’t a cat tunnel take up too much floor space in my house?

A cat tunnel might sound a bit invasive if you live in a small house or apartment, but there are plenty of different sizes to choose from that can accommodate all types of homes. Not to mention, most cat tunnels are collapsible, so you can fold them up and tuck them away in a closet until the next time your cat wants to play.