The Best Cat Tunnels

No matter who you are, boredom is boredom, and it is almost unbearable at times. Well, just like you or I get bored, so too do our children or, in this case, our pets. If you walk into practically any big box store or even your local pharmacy, it is not hard to locate a whole slew of cat toys. Due to their playful nature, owning a cat is a responsibility that calls for a lot of play and attention. Whether you own a cat currently or you plan on rescuing one soon, cat toys like that of the humble cat tunnel are a necessity. Not only for nurturing their playful spirit, but for allowing them to exercise and enjoy life indoors. Cat tunnels are precisely what they sound like for those who may not know, and their designs vary greatly. They offer a safe space for your cat to roll, hide, and scratch. Cat tunnels are especially good for kittens who may have extra energy. Whether your cat is an adventurer or more of a “sitter,” a tunnel provides the outlet they need to burn energy or sleep - the choice is theirs. Let’s move on and check out the top cat tunnels available today.

SmartyKat Hideout

Tunnel of Love

Whether you own one or even several cats, giving them a way to stay exercised, energized, and happy is imperative. Keeping cats happy is especially important if you have young cats at home.
Best Overall

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This cat tunnel provides hours of entertainment, not only with a place to hide but with crinkly walls that make sounds kitties love. This highly affordable cat toy can even be used in training purposes for both cats and small dogs. It features a small hole in the side that makes it easy for your cats to play hide and seek to sneak up on one another. It promotes independence, interaction, excitement, exercise, and more. Of course, one of the significant bonuses to this tunnel is that it satisfies your cats hunting instincts. In the end, your cat(s) will thank you.

Even after removing the parts, this cat tunnel is not machine washable. Therefore, should your cat decide to mark their territory on it, it must be hand scrubbed and air-dried.

PAWZ Road Cat Toys Collapsible Tunnel

Raise the Roof

The PAWZ Road Cat Toys Collapsible Tunnel provides a fun element for cats that do not only entertain them but also offers a spot for them to nap.
Most Compact

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The toy features a relatively long tunnel for the cat to play in. The product also doubles as both a toy for the customer’s cat, as well as an ideal spot for the cat to take a nap during the day. The tunnel features high-quality construction with added padding on all sides. This helps to make the product more comfortable for the cat. While primarily promoted for cats, the tunnel can be used by dogs too.

The pricing may be seen as a little high by some people, considering this is a somewhat basic cat toy. There is also only one single design that the customer can choose from. A larger variety of designs would have been useful – especially for people who want to use this tunnel for their dog.

All Prime Cat Tunnel

Happy Wallet

In terms of quality and value, this cat tunnel from All Prime is cheap, durable, entertaining, and unique. What sets this apart is its multi-path design, providing a fun and engaging experience.
Most Economical

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As we said before, this tunnel has three entrances/exits for maximum enjoyment. It will appeal to your cats hunting instincts, giving them that much-needed release while challenging their creativity and physical abilities. Moreover, it is available at a steal of a price, providing real quality and value, all wrapped into one.

This cat tunnel is not only the best for its price, but is also top-notch in terms of beneficial stimulation and exercise. Lastly, should you own several different small animals from puppies to bunnies, you will find this tunnel to be universally entertaining.

This tunnel is quite a bit larger than most others, so it may not be ideal for small spaces. It is also more difficult to store when you need the room.

Kitty City Large Cat Tunnel

Sleep the Day Away

This one is unique in design with a bed in the center that is surrounded by a decent-sized tunnel - think of a huge large donut. You can choose the look that best suits your home.
Best Large Cat Tunnel

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The one-of-a-kind design here is something that is not seen every day, providing relaxation and play all into one. Its circular design makes for a great sleeping space as well as for running rampant during playtime. No matter what your feline is getting up to, they will thank you for this item. With so much space available, this is great for large cats, but for a household with multiple average-sized cats, a litter of kittens would go crazy over this. Perfect for chasing and hanging toys; for the price here, you simply cannot go wrong.

This thing takes up some space, so we do not recommend it for everyone – especially not if you live in an apartment. It is made in China should you prefer to buy locally sourced goods.

What Matters Most?

The Features

When you shop for cat toys of any kind, you want to be sure to look out for its features and accessories. With some cat tunnels, what you see is what you get. By this, we mean, sometimes a cat tunnel is just a plain old tunnel. If you read the rest of our guide, then you see what we mean by features. Some cat tunnels are dull, while others possess such additions as dangling balls, feathers, beads, and so on. If you are shopping for kittens too young adults, the more features, the better–trust us.

Durability and Life-Span

When you buy anything practically, you expect it to last a good while. Spending money on low-quality selections that will inevitably take on damage in a hurry is just plain silly. Of course, cats are not as rough or even capable of the damage dogs can inflict, but that does not mean you can trust them not to harm a poorly made tunnel. By focusing on some of the selections above, you can effectively find a cat tunnel capable of taking a beating.

The Design

All you have to do is open Amazon and search cat tunnel to discover just how many designs are out there. When picturing a cat tunnel, many of us imagine a straight cylinder. However, there are so many different cat tunnel designs out there that might work better for your small pets in particular. From straight and narrow to broad with several separate entrances, finding the perfect cat tunnel has never been easier.

What’s in Right Now?

More often than not, the classics are classics for a reason. That is why the majority of the cat tunnels out there are similar to one another. Therefore, much of what is bought has remained consistent for quite some time. On the other hand, as the world evolves and humans learn from their mistakes, hundreds of animal toys are now being made out of recycled materials. How do you think they get that crinkle sound? As it turns out, there is at least one good use for all that unnecessary plastic humans have made. So, as far as trends go, there is a definite uptake in cat toys made from organic and recycled materials. Not only will your cats love it, so too will the environment, so it’s a real win-win.


How do I know what my cat is going to like?

While none of us are telepathic – at least not that I know of – it is not impossible or even difficult to figure out what sort of tunnel your cat will enjoy most. By trying out a few small accessories and paying attention to your cat’s behavior, you should be able to relate that information to your best cat tunnel option.

Is one cat tunnel enough for multiple cats?

All cats are different. Some are happy to share a cat tunnel, whereas others are not. For a few cats who get along well, one cat tunnel might do the trick. If they are constantly feuding or you have a large number of felines, we would recommend either buying multiples or picking up one with several entrances and windows.

How do I introduce a skittish cat to a new cat tunnel?

We’ve all seen it time and time again, whether it be a rescue or purebred cat, some members of this furry family can be quite paranoid and easily scared. If I am describing your kitty, the best thing you can do is slowly show him or her to it. Do not place it in immediately after getting it home. Instead, introduce your cat from a distance and then allow them to go in when they are ready.