The Best Fish Cat Toys

It's crucial to provide your cat with ample opportunities for physical play. Not only does playing with toys give your kitty much-needed exercise and help them maintain a healthy weight, but it can also help boost your pet's mood, too. There are all kinds of toys to choose from, from interactive, robotic toys to catnip-stuffed ones. And of course, you can never go wrong with a fish toy of any kind. Here are the best fish cat toys to pick from.

Potaroma Cat Fish Toy

Staves off boredom like no other

Your cat will simply go wild for this realistic-looking fish.
Best Rechargeable

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Your kitty will go crazy for the Potaroma Cat Fish Toy. That’s because it actually looks and moves like a real fish thanks to its built-in motion sensor that kicks in every time your cat is near. Watch with delight as your cat jumps and flounces around your living room, trying to chase and play with this eye-catching toy. Made from plush, durable, non-toxic materials, this toy even comes with fresh catnip, which can help alleviate stress and boredom. For felines who love to pounce and hunt, there’s no better toy.


  • Has an automatic built-in motion sensor, so it wiggles in a realistic way
  • Is equipped with a catnip pouch
  • Made with safe, non-toxic materials
  • USB chargeable (so no need for batteries)
  • Has a washable cover


  • Definitely a little pricey for a cat toy

Litter Mat Cat Fish Toy

Stimulates your kitty's instincts

Your little natural-born hunter will be oh-so-excited to play with this toy.
Best For Avid Hunters

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Is your kitty always on the prowl? The Litter Man Cat Fish Toy will keep your energetic pet occupied for hours. These interactive fish toys stimulate a cat’s natural hunter instincts with their automated robotic fins that begin moving around as soon as they’re placed in water. Conveniently, they also automatically turn off when you take them out of the water, to save power. Plus, the built-in LED lights will encourage your cat to bounce and play.


  • Comes with four brightly colored, interactive toys (plus batteries are included)
  • Toys can be placed in the water; they automatically start swimming
  • Stimulates cats’ natural hunter instincts
  • The built-in LED lights will get your cat’s attention


  • You do have to buy a bowl separately

Petmate Cat Toy

Pounce and play all day

This toy will keep your furry friend busy for hours.
Best Interactive Toy

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Great for interactive play, the Petmate Cat Toy will be your lively kitty’s new BFF. This toy is awesome for keeping cats mentally sharp and strengthening your bond with your beloved pet. Simply grab the wand, give it a twirl, and watch as your cat goes wild. Plus, you can even pick between a worm, tadpole, and crawdad. Watch out: your kitty may very well become totally obsessed with this toy.


  • Awesome for particularly energetic kitties
  • Cats never tire of this toy
  • Helps to alleviate boredom and anxiety
  • Choose between one of three animals
  • Great value


  • The ribbons do tend to shred fairly easily, so you may need to limit playtime

SmartyKat Fish Flop Cat Toy

Entertainment for a bargain

Budget shoppers will delight in this product.
Best Value

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Considering that you get three toys in one pack with the SmartyKat Fish Flop Cat Toy, this product is a total steal. These toys are each filled with pure, chemical-free catnip and are ideal for either solo or interactive play, depending on what your kitty is in the mood for. They’re also the perfect size for cats to carry around in their mouths, which they love. Stimulating and fun, these toys come in dozens of different designs, too.


  • Great for budget shoppers since you get three toys in one
  • Lightweight and very plush
  • The catnip is made without chemicals and pesticides
  • Really helps you bond with your kitty
  • Available in a wide variety of designs


  • The packaging for this product could really stand to be improved

Our Pets Catnip Toy

A cult-favorite toy

Most cats will go wild at the mere smell of this catnip toy.
Best Catnip Design

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If your cat is obsessed with catnip, get them the Our Pets Catnip Toy. Catnip toys are classic for a reason, after all, since many feline friends go crazy for them. Your cat will likely get excited at the mere smell of the catnip, which will then prompt them to get playful and chase the toy around. Naturally stimulating and enriching, this toy will emit aromas for hours after your cat is done playing with it, which keeps them interested and coming back for more.


  • Made with strong, aromatic catnip made in North America
  • Encourages physical play and mental stimulation
  • Appeals to your cat’s instincts
  • Choose from one of several cute designs: carrot, banana, fish, snake, cigar, cactus, and chili


  • The plastic tag that keeps the fish attached to the cardboard is on the inside of the fish (which means that when you cut the plastic, there’s no way to completely remove the tag)

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there any chance that catnip could make my cat sick?

Catnip isn’t a true toxin and thus is perfectly harmless for cats to play with. However, if your cat digests a huge amount of catnip at one time, this could prompt a poison-like reaction in the form of diarrhea or vomiting, so always take care to limit the kitty’s catnip intake.

How do I wash my cat toys?

As with most types of fabric, you can wash your cat toys in the washing machine (on a gentle or delicate cycle), but it’s always best to consult the instructions before doing so.