The Best Hanging Beds For Cats

Have you ever thought your cat deserves so much more than a simple ground cushion to sleep on? Hanging cat beds could be your solution. These innovative products combine cats' natural desire to be up high with cozy and cute beds. They hang from the ceiling or even hook onto the bottom of a kitchen chair or the top of a wire kennel. They come in all sorts of styles to match the aesthetic of your home, too.

What to Look For

When searching for the best hanging cat beds on the market today, we focused on three key questions: Is it safe? Is it comfortable? Is it easy for pet parents to install? Right away, we loved the Jetec Reversible Hammock for its easy-to-use, comfortable design. We also liked the Karceey Macrame Bed for its catnip-infused cushion and ceiling-mounted style. You can learn more about each of these products and our other top picks by scrolling through the post below.

Jetec Reversible Hammock Hanging Cat Bed

Hanging out

This two-sided product offers the perfect sleeping space for your pet in both hot and cool climates.
Best Overall

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This cute and comfortable hanging cat bed is designed to be attached under a wire kennel or kitchen chair. Its four hooks provide a sturdy feel while still allowing for a bit of relaxing movement. With one side covered in fluffy material and the other lined with canvas, you’ll be able to alternate between textures for your cat to sleep on. There are several fun prints to choose from, as well as small, medium, and large sizes. And the product listing offers a weight chart to make your size choice as simple as possible.


  • Low price point
  • Two hammocks included with every purchase
  • Machine washable when a laundry bag is used
  • Also ideal for other small pets, such as rabbits and ferrets
  • Can be used with a cat hammock stand for homes that don’t have available kennels or chairs to hang from


  • Some cats may scratch at the straps and/or fabric

Joyelf Fuzzy Hammock Hanging Cat Bed

Fur galore

This cozy pick is covered in thick, furry material for added comfort.
Runner Up

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This hanging cat bed is both cozy and fashionable. One side is lined with faux leather for a modern feel, while the other is wrapped in fuzzy faux wool. You can alternate sleeping surfaces based on temperature. The durable metal hooks promise a safe assembly in wire cages or underneath chairs. And with a bit of creativity, it’s a great addition to most cat trees. Also, its 30-pound capacity means you don’t have to worry about your cat growing too big for this comfortable sleeping space.


  • Stylish design
  • Reasonable price
  • Waterproof material
  • Medium and large sizes available
  • Machine washable when a laundry bag is used


  • Cat tree hooks not included

Tirti Two Spot Hanging Cat Bed

Two in one

Whether you have two kitties or want to provide a single cat with multiple sleeping spaces, this double hammock can help.
Best Double Layer

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If you have two or more cats at home, this double-layer hanging cat bed is worth considering. It has spots to lay inside and on top, which could help prevent pets from fighting over the coziest spot in the house. The exterior is made of breathable, cooling fabric, while the inside is covered in fluffy faux fur. The cute dangling toy is a nice touch for kittens, too.


  • Average price
  • Stainless steel hooks
  • Durable double stitching
  • Comfortable in all seasons
  • Easy to clean in the washing machine


  • The small version is likely too little for cats, but the medium will work for pets up to 14 pounds

Karceey Cushioned Macrame Hanging Cat Bed

Boho beauty

This unique piece isn't just adorable. It's also comfy and filled with catnip for your furry friend.
Best Cushion

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If your kitty prefers laying on soft surfaces, this cushioned hanging cat bed can help. The bulk of the bed is made with macrame, while the pillow in the center keeps pets cozy as they rest. It hangs from the ceiling and comes with all the required hardware. With a 40-pound weight limit, it can hold cats of all sizes as well as kittens who like to cuddle together. And as an added surprise, the cushion features catnip buried inside.


  • Thick, durable rope
  • Adds style to your home
  • Adjustable hanging height
  • Can be hung up near windows
  • Doesn’t require a cage or chair for hanging


  • Some cats may not like how their paws push through the macrame strings when they sprawl out

YoSpot Handmade Hanging Cat Bed and Stand

The simple solution

Don't worry about mounting anything with this innovative pad-and-stand pair.
Best With Holder

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This cat bed allows for comfortable movement without the need for drilling into ceilings or hooking underneath furniture. Its sturdy metal stand does all of the work for you. The wicker nest blends in with a variety of styles, from modern to boho. The soft center cushion is comfortable, removable, and machine washable. There are only a couple of assembly steps, making the bed usable soon after it arrives in the mail.


  • Fits cats of most sizes
  • Made with safe materials
  • Comes with a toy for added fun
  • Created and sold by a small business
  • Gives pets some privacy while they rest


  • Higher than average priceĀ 

Frequently Asked Questions

Are hanging cat beds safe?

It’s important to mount these beds correctly, but in general, they are safe. If you’re hanging the bed from the ceiling, be sure to screw it into a stud or use an anchor. If you’re setting it up under a chair or wire kennel, ensure each hook is sturdily attached before letting your pet jump in. Check the attachments occasionally to ensure they aren’t loosening at all.

Do most cats enjoy movement while they sleep?

Hanging beds pair well with a cat’s natural instincts. They are elevated off the ground; cats like this as it lets them watch their prey like they would in the wild. These beds are also comfortable and supportive, which is essential in ensuring your pet enjoys their new sleeping space.

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