The Best Kitty Room Decor

Cute cat merchandise may seem like a trend for children, but it's morphed into a much larger industry with momentum from successful fashion brands. In some ways, it’s even become a part of pop culture. Young or old, if you’re looking to redecorate your room, kitty-themed products can help to add some flair. That’s why we’ve rounded up the best kitty decor for your home to help you sort through all the options and find what’s best for you.

What to Look For

When narrowing down the best kitty room decor, we considered function, practicality, overall design, and price. For example, if you want a subtle splash of color that’s completely practical, the Astero Hello Kitty bedroom mat is a sizable bedroom rug at a reasonable price. If you want something a little more noticeable, the CHWARES night light for kids is great for brightening things up in the room. Read on to see all our top picks and find the Hello Kitty decor that’s right for you.

Astero Hello Kitty Bedroom Mat

Step on it

This stylish rug offers a cute splash of color for any room.
Best Rug

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Area rugs are more than just a way to spruce up a spot with hardwood floors; they’re a great way to accessorize a room. If you need a splash of color in your bedroom, bathroom, or living space, this Hello Kitty mat from Astero makes for the perfect solution. It’s soft and affordable, and it’s small enough to fit almost anywhere. For fans of Hello Kitty or just fans of cats, this bedroom mat is a silky soft addition to any room.


  • Compact size
  • Decent price
  • Extremely soft material
  • Can double as a thick blanket


  • Doesn’t have the grip backing that rugs normally have

CHWARES Night Light For Kids

Brighten it up

This kawaii cat nightlight is just as cute as it is colorful.
Best Nightlight

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If you have little ones at home, it helps to keep a night light on hand for bedtime, and this cat light may prove to be the perfect solution for your family. This kawaii cat night light isn’t just functionally bright; it also features an adorable and cuddly design. This light comes in the shape of a cute anime cat, making it perfect for cheering frightened children or lighting up the room. It gives off a soft light, so it’s not too harsh or unsightly. It can also cycle through a seven-color spectrum, shining in all shades and hues. Whether you want to give your kids a bit more security at night or you want a cute way to light up the room, this kawaii cat light is sure to be a hit.


  • Illuminates with soft light
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Shines in various colors
  • Made of washable silicon
  • Comes in an assortment of animal shapes


  • Not as bright as other lights on the market

Silver Buffalo Hello Kitty Mini Planter

Real or fake

This mini planter offers a subtle way to add some flair and a little bit of greenery to your room.
Best Planter

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House plants are a great way to add a bit of sophistication to any living space, and this mini planter from Silver Buffalo is no different. It features an iconic Hello Kitty base design that’s made of ceramic for a shining finish, and it has a cute font on the back, so it’s stylish no matter what direction you look at it. Best of all, it comes with a faux plant that requires no watering or sunlight whatsoever. It may look real, but beneath the convincing exterior lies a plastic construction. For the houseplant aesthetic without the added responsibility of keeping them alive, this mini planter won’t disappoint.


  • Vibrant color
  • Realistic 3D Hello Kitty design
  • Includes a faux plastic plant
  • Has a text design on the back


  • It isn’t a real plant

Kitty Cat Klock Classic Black

Time's up

Make sure you're never late for an appointment with this vintage-style clock.
Best Clock

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If you’re an old soul, you may like this classic clock from the Kitty Cat Klock brand. The same original manufacturer has made this particular clock since 1932, and they’ve kept the same style ever since. The tail wags with every clock tick, and the eyes even move, making the clock more animated on the wall. This clock is a staple in vintage lookbooks and Americana style, making it a great addition to any home with that aesthetic. With this clock, you get a piece of decor that’s just as cute and practical as it is classic.


  • Classic design
  • The eyes and tail move
  • Runs on just one AA battery
  • Comes in three different colors


  • Made of plastic

Franco Hello Kitty Kids Bedding

Sleepy time

Cuddle up and get cozy with your favorite cartoon character in this comfortable bed set.
Best Bed Set

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Jumping into bed at the end of a long day is one of the best feelings, but cuddling up with your favorite cartoon character only makes it better. With this bed set from Franco, your little one can get cozy surrounded by designs featuring Hello Kitty or any cartoon characters depicted in the 26 print options. It includes a fitted sheet, flat sheet, pillow case, comforter, and a pillow sham for a five-piece set, but it also has an option for a seven-piece set. As an added bonus, the comforter is reversible, so you can flip it depending on what design you like best. With such cute designs, this bed set can be the centerpiece of the whole room.


  • Machine-washable
  • Includes a pillow sham
  • Comforter is reversible
  • Choose from 26 total print options
  • Comes in a five-piece twin or seven-piece full set


  • Doesn’t come in Queen or King sizes

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a kawaii cat?

Kawaii just means cute in Japanese, and kawaii cats are exactly that: cute cats. They tend to take a cartoon anime form and appear in all kinds of media, merchandise, designs, and decor. These cuddly characters only exist in fiction, but they’re just as cute as the real deal.

Is Hello Kitty a cat?

Sanrio, the manufacturer of Hello Kitty, has stated that Hello Kitty is not a cat. She is a cartoon girl who happens to have cat-like features. This may seem surprising to many, but to Sanrio, she’s always been a cartoon girl.

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