The Best Litter For Healthy Cats

Whether you already have a menagerie of fuzzy felines or you're picking up your first pet, it's essential to find the perfect products. We especially recommend choosing a high-quality litter to help you keep odors down while providing your healthy cat with the ideal place to potty. Plus, the better the litter, the easier it will be to maintain.

What to Look For

For a healthy cat and clean home, we recommend choosing your kitty litter based on texture, ingredient quality, and overall cleanliness. For example, Alpha Paw Genius cat litter monitors your kitty’s health with lightweight, non-clumping crystals that don’t stick to fur or paws. However, Okocat Super Soft wood litter is best if you have a particularly picky puss. It’s gentle on their feet and clumps quickly to keep the mess at bay. And although we love these, we know every pet is unique. So no matter your pet’s preferences or needs, we’re sure there’s a litter for you below.

Alpha Paw Genius Cat Litter

Effortless monitoring

Keep a close eye on your cat's health by simply checking these color-changing crystals.
Best Overall

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Alpha Paw Genius cat litter has it all. It soaks up and absorbs urine to lock in odors without clumping or sticking to your kitty’s fur or feet. You don’t have to worry about messes or harsh scents. But that’s not the best part. What makes this litter unique is that it monitors your pet’s health by detecting blood, bilirubin, Ph levels, and more. From there, it changes the color of the crystals so you can see if they’re in tip-top shape or need a visit to the vet.


  • Litter fades back to white after a while so that only the freshest spot is colored for easier monitoring
  • Unscented and absorbs foul odors
  • Absorbs fast without clumping
  • Easy to clean


  • Gets a little dusty during changes

Okocat Super Soft Wood Litter

Premium protection

Your kitty's sensitive paws will stay perfectly safe on this super soft wood litter.
Runner Up

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Okocat Super Soft wood litter soaks up urine and clumps around messes while helping your kitty stay comfortable and safe. Meanwhile, the fine wooden grains provide fantastic odor control to keep your home smelling fresh and clean. And since it has a low-dust formula, you can also avoid excessive tracking, respiratory problems, and all of the other pitfalls of typical wood litter.


  • Biodegradable and eco-friendly
  • Clumps to make changes easier
  • Low dust and low tracking make it easy to keep floors cleaner
  • Excellent odor control compared to most natural litter


  • Pieces can be too big for a sifter

Vetreska Tofu Cat Litter

Safe and simple

These flushable pellets are made of pure, biodegradable tofu for maximum convenience.
Best Natural

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Vetreska Tofu cat litter is biodegradable, flushable, and all-natural, making it one of the most eco-friendly options out there. It clumps up around stinky messes to keep the odor contained and dissolves in water to help you avoid clogs when you flush it away. Plus, little scent beads help add freshness throughout the area. When you add that to how little dust it releases, it’s hard to beat.


  • Lightweight for easy maneuvering
  • Doesn’t leave dust in the bottom like many pellets
  • Flush away clumps and top off for effortless, mess-free cleaning
  • Low dust makes it great if you or your family have allergies


  • Pellets don’t work well with litter robots

Pretty Litter Health Monitoring Cat Litter

Color-changing formula

This odor-blocking crystal litter can help keep your kitty in tip-top shape.
Best For Urinary Health

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Pretty Litter Health Monitoring Cat Litter uses color-changing crystals to help you and your vet stay on top of your furry family member’s health and wellness. It can alert you to urinary issues, liver problems, and more by measuring blood, bilirubin levels, and Ph. It also absorbs liquid and odors in a flash to keep your cat and your home clean and scent-free.


  • Clump-free crystals don’t stick to fur or cause irritation
  • Health tracking is ideal for elderly or sickly cats
  • Easy to clean from both the litter box and floor
  • Controls odors well


  • Pricier than most crystal cat litters

Cats Incredible Lucy Pet Clumping Litter

Fabulously fresh

A beautifully light smell and powerful clumping keep your home feeling as clean as possible.
Best Scented

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Cats Incredible Lucy Pet clumping litter has a lovely scent and uses Smell Squasher, which neutralizes ammonia and keeps your home as fresh as possible. The lavender scent helps you keep a light, floral feel to the area without overwhelming the sense, and the quick-clumping clay helps you effortlessly scoop out the mess. Cleaning can take seconds instead of half an hour. As a bonus, it rarely tracks and doesn’t get too dusty, which helps you keep your floors clear of debris.


  • Works well for multi-cat homes
  • Scent is fresh without being too strong or irritating
  • Clumps so fast odor never has a chance to get into the air
  • It’s easy to scoop and top up your litter box for less frequent whole-box changes


  • Hard to pour the litter from the box

Frequently Asked Questions

What are some things to avoid when choosing a litter?

Some cat litter is messy and dangerous. We recommend staying away from anything that gets very dusty, such as clump-free clay litter. The dust can cause respiratory problems and leave a residue around your home.

How much kitty litter do I need?

There should be two litter boxes in your home for a single cat. And for every cat after that, you can add one more. So if you have four cats, five boxes are appropriate. You will need enough litter to fill each box about three inches deep.

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