The Best Organic Catnip

Organic catnip allows your feisty feline to enjoy the effects of catnip without pesticides or other dangerous additives. You can use it in the usual ways, from sprinkling a bit on the floor to stuffing toys and pillows. Your cats are sure to love it, and we can all appreciate the safety of high-quality organic pet products. We've got quite the selection for you to consider, so take a look.

What to Look For

If you want your cat to find maximum enjoyment from their organic catnip, we recommend focusing on the strength, quality, and overall value of the different options. For example, Petlinks Pure Bliss organic catnip is USDA-certified to be grown and ground with no pesticides or other dangerous chemicals. It’s safe for cats of any age, size, or breed. On the other hand, if you prefer to stock up, the giant bag of organic catnip from Frontier is perfect. It comes with a whole pound, filling more than a gallon-sized package. And if you’d like more options, you can continue reading below.

Petlinks Pure Bliss Organic Catnip

Stimulate the senses

This sensational catnip is always tested for maximum safety and potency.
Best Overall

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You can always count on Petlinks Pure Bliss organic catnip to be safe for your favorite feline. It’s USDA-certified to be free of pesticides, fillers, and harmful chemicals. Plus, it’s potent enough for pretty much any use you can think of, from sprinkling onto scratchers to stuffing toys. And for those finicky pets, you can grab a spray or use the catnip and silvervine blend for added effects.


  • Between spray and flakes, you can cover anything
  • Potent and attractive to any cats that respond to catnip
  • Comes in a few package sizes for added convenience
  • Scent stays strong over time inside the package


  • It starts to fade within a few days after you take it out of the package

Cat Weed Organic Catnip


Even the pickiest felines usually love this potent catnip.
Runner Up

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If potency is what you’re after, Cat Weed organic catnip is the ideal choice. It’s safely grown in North America using Rocky Mountain water and high-quality soil. From there, it’s kept in climate-controlled storage to keep it safe and sound. All of these unique growing practices ensure the chemical that causes the euphoria in cats is always a minimum of 78%, which is more than almost any other variety.


  • Strong scent drives cats crazy
  • Jar keeps it fresh while making it easier to store
  • Many cats that don’t respond to catnip will enjoy this
  • Although potent, you don’t have to worry about it stinking up your house


  • Stems aren’t sifted out

Frontier Co-Op Organic Catnip

Stock up

This giant bag makes it easy to keep your kitties well-stocked on their favorite herb.
Best In Bulk

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Whether you run your own business or rescue or have a multi-pet household, Frontier Co-Op organic catnip can help you stay stocked up. It comes in one-pound bags, which may not seem like a ton, but a pound of dried herbs can easily provide enough to fill a gallon-size bag. There’s also often some left over. It’s all cut and sifted for softness, making it fantastic for filling pillows, toys, and gaps in scratching posts.


  • Great overall value provides lots of herbs for less
  • Potent scent attracts most cats without fail
  • Safe enough for tea and homemade products
  • Fewer stems than almost any other catnip


  • Weight can be off by an ounce or two, which means there may be slightly more or less than expected

Xtreme Catnip Leaf

Fabulously affordable

Save money without sacrificing potency with this super-concentrated catnip.
Best On A Budget

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Xtreme Catnip Leaf is organically grown in high altitudes for maximum potency. You can use it to sprinkle on toys, beds, or scratching pads to drive your cats wild. However, even with its strength, this catnip is more affordable than most other varieties. That means you can get as much as you need without breaking the bank or sacrificing quality.


  • Makes cats crazy for lots of fun and play
  • Affordable enough to fit into any budget
  • Strong scent can attract cats from further distances
  • Great choice for refreshing catnip toys and other products


  • Doesn’t come in large quantities

The Cat’s Meowee Organic Catnip

Packs a punch

A concentrated scent drives cats crazy through toys, pillows, and more.
Best For Toys

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Many organic catnip varieties work okay for toys and stuffing pillows. However, few can drive cats wild through layers of fabric as well as The Cat’s Meowee organic catnip. It grows in the mountains and contains high concentrations of the chemical that drives cats crazy. And if you’d like to see if it works, you can grind a bit up between your fingers and watch the cats go wild.


  • Keeps toys potent for a long time
  • Comes fresh for maximum effect
  • Doesn’t have many stems or hard pieces
  • Strong scent for cats without stinking up the house


  • Can be pricey

Frequently Asked Questions

How does catnip work?

Catnip is a plant from the mint family that releases a chemical called nepetalactone. It triggers up to 85% of cats to respond with a euphoric feeling. Many of them experience a couple of minutes of crazy fun followed by a period of calm and relaxation. Overall, it lasts about 30 minutes.

Why should I choose organic catnip over other varieties?

Organic catnip is grown without pesticides and other dangerous chemicals, making it safer for cats of all ages. Unlike cheaper, bulk-grown options, it doesn’t have things that can cause neurological issues or physical illness.

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