The Best Shelves And Perches For Walls

All cats deserve the ability to climb, pounce, and hide, but indoor pets don't always have the chance. However, with a quality set of cat perches and shelves for walls, you can give your pet everything they need and more. Choose from sets that include natural materials, opportunities to see the outside world, bridges to play on, and platforms to jump between. When you keep your cat's personality in mind, it'll be easy to find the perfect set from the post below.

What to Look For

When we were searching for the best cat shelves and perches for walls, we focused on three main features: safety, size, and ease of installation. We immediately appreciated the Mewoofun Cat Window Hammock for its tool-free assembly and sunbathing potential. We also liked the On2Pets Canopy products for the natural hiding spaces they provide. Which set of shelves and perches will be right for your home and your pet? Scroll through the following options to find out.

Mewoofun Cat Window Hammock Perch

See the world

This product lets kitties look through windows before they start to snooze.
Best Overall

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This unique cat perch sits on the window instead of the wall, providing your pet with an incredible view of the outside world. It has mounting hardware that wraps around the window sill (as long as it’s under 6 inches wide), so you don’t have to worry about suction cups losing their strength. This also means the piece can be used in drawers, on the backs of chairs, and more. The canvas hammock is durable, hand-washable, and reversible, with two different fabrics for warm and cold climates.


  • Impressive 40-pound weight limit
  • Wide variety of mat colors to choose from
  • Simple, 5-minute assembly
  • No drilling into walls required 
  • Reasonable price


  • Requires an appropriately-sized window, dresser drawer, or chair back to attach to

Topmart Cat Window Seat Wall Perch

Extend your space

This pad makes your home's sills large enough for pets to sprawl out on.
Runner Up

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This cat wall perch/shelf is designed to serve as a window seat in areas that have a partial ledge. It extends the surface area, giving your pet plenty of space to sprawl out while they observe nature. It stays in place with adhesive strips and metal support bars, each of which is covered in foam to protect your walls. You can also drill it into place if you don’t have an available ledge in your home. The included pad is comfortable, and the cover is removable for easy cleaning.


  • Average price
  • Extra-large sitting area
  • Gives cats the opportunity to sunbathe
  • Folds up for storage
  • Holds 20-35 pounds, depending on the chosen installation method


  • Requires a specific ledge for the easier assembly method

On2Pets Canopy Cat Shelves and Perches for Walls

Nature's calling

These leaf-covered platforms are ideal for cats who want to hide, jump, and play.
Best Design

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These fun perches are perfect for pouncing and hiding. The greenery adds a stylish touch to your walls and meets an intrinsic need for cats. You can choose the color of the leaves based on your favorite season and whether you’d like rectangular or rounded shelves. The assembly process only takes around 15 minutes to complete. And all materials are non-toxic, so you don’t have to worry if your curious kitten tries a bite of the faux plant.


  • Can be combined with other cat wall perches and shelves
  • Surfaces are covered in non-slip, scratchable fabric
  • Plants are sturdily stuck in place
  • Weight capacity is 32 pounds
  • All pieces are made by a small business in the United States


  • You will need your own tools for installation 

Purife Handcrafted Cat Bridge for Walls

Climb right up

Grab this engaging set for your most active and outgoing pets.
Best Bridge

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This incredible cat bridge is ideal for the most adventurous cats and kittens. It’s handmade from solid pine wood with non-slip grips on each slat. The bridge is connected with durable natural jute ropes in a criss-cross pattern. The steel brackets allow pets that weigh up to 35 pounds to explore safely, even if they jump from place to place. The assembly process is fairly simple, with all hardware and tools included too.


  • Bridge is a new experience for most pets
  • Combinable with other cat wall shelves and perches 
  • Capable of tiring out the most active pets
  • Can be set up with platforms across from each other or at various angles
  • Wooden areas can be painted or stained if desired


  • If you’re not screwing into studs, you will need to purchase your own drywall anchors

Felivecal Cat Bowls and Shelves for Walls

Eat and relax

This product brings mealtime up to the wall for food safety and fun.
Best With Bowls

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This cat wall shelf fulfills two purposes at once. Its perch can be used for resting and playing, while the suspended food dishes keep kibble safe from other pets or young children in the house. It’s made of solid pine wood for complete durability. The surface is large enough for cats of all sizes. And the feeding dishes are included at no extra cost.


  • A helpful addition to other cat wall perches and shelves
  • Water-resistant finish
  • Easy-to-clean, removable dishes
  • Elevated eating style is healthier for pets
  • Wood can be painted or stained


  • Higher than average price

Frequently Asked Questions

How can cat perches and shelves for walls be safely hung?

It’s important to follow the instructions that come with the product you choose. If you hang your pieces on drywall, it’s also important to find studs to screw into. If this step is skipped, the pieces could fall out of the walls. Drywall anchors are a helpful alternative if studs aren’t available in the areas you need.

Do all cats enjoy cat perches and shelves for walls?

All cats are different, but most have an intrinsic desire for climbing and pouncing. These setups can help fulfill these needs while keeping your pet safely inside your home.

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