The Coziest Cat Caves

Does your kitty have a cozy, warm bed to snuggle into when she's ready for a long snooze? If not, it's high time that you invested in a cat cave for your beloved pet. Choosing between cat caves can be a challenge, as there are lots of products out there that may seem similar in quality. Your cat's bed should be super-soft, made from high-quality fabric, easy to clean, and, of course, stylish. Having a hard time deciding which product to get? You can't go wrong with any of the cat caves on this list.


Your cat deserves the best

This is the coziest cat bed of all time.
Best Overall

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Handmade from 100-percent all-natural merino wool, the MEOWFIA Cat Cave is cuddly perfection. This cave offers plush security for your beloved cat, with its enclosed shape and soft, warm feel. Thanks to the padded mat design, it keeps your cat warm in the cold and cool in the hot. It’s suitable for small kittens to 12-pound adult cats. And, this awesomely comfy bed comes in five stylish colors and is easy to clean. What’s not to love?


  • Made with 100 percent merino wool
  • Exceptionally warm and cozy
  • Safe, non-toxic, and very durable
  • Available in several cool colors
  • Doesn’t collapse; retains its shape well
  • Has a padded mat for the hotter days


  • The dark colors do reveal loose hair easily

Feltcave Wool Cat Cave

Bright colors, happy kitty

You've gotta love a cat cave that comes in every color of the rainbow.
Best Color Selection

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The Feltcave Wool Cat Cave is available in several cute colors that make it stand out from the crowd. Pick between bright eye-catching color combos to match your cat’s mood and your home décor. Not only is this adorable bed super-colorful, but it’s handcrafted with non-toxic merino wool that won’t irritate your precious cat’s skin or fur. Plus, this cat cave is felted from a dense, flexible layer of wool that allows it to keep its dome shape over time.


  • Comes in several adorable, unique color combos
  • Suitable for cats of all sizes, up to 15 pounds
  • Made from eco-friendly merino wool
  • Naturally repels odor, dirt, and stains
  • Holds its shape well


  • Definitely one of the pricier cat caves available (but worth it)

Best Pet Supplies Cat Cave

A customizable design

This snuggly cat cave can be used in a variety of ways.
Most Versatile

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Kitties can be mighty persnickety creatures, which is why the Best Pet Supplies Cat Cave is so great. This cave can be used in one of a few ways, depending on what your cat likes. If your kitty likes to burrow, add the cuddle-inducing pillow into the mix. If not, you can remove the pillow and even use it as a separate bed. Regardless, the polyfoam lining molds to your cat’s favorite position every time. This bed also comes in several chic colors. Rest assured that, no matter which color you choose, this sleekly designed cat cave will seamlessly blend into your space.


  • Available in a variety of chic, neutral colors that go well with virtually any furniture
  • Creates a nice sense of security for your pet
  • Polyfoam lining molds to your pet’s position
  • Comes with a cuddly pillow
  • Machine washable


  • Not quite as durable as other beds

Bedsure Cat Cube

Take it on the go

This cozy hideaway folds up nicely for easy transport.
Best Foldable Design

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Whether you like to travel with your cat in tow or you simply like being able to store your cat’s bed when it’s not in use, the Bedsure Cat Cube is a great pick. This space-saving bed can be assembled quickly and folded into a compact, flat shape, for easy, convenient storage and travel. Aside from its compact design, this bed is made from super-soft fleece, has a sizable hole for entry and exit, and even comes with a plush ball toy.


  • Easy to fold and can be easily assembled
  • Comes with a top cushion and a fur fleece mat (which are reversible), in addition to the cube
  • Has a plush ball hanging from the top, which your cat will love to play with
  • Is equipped with a sisal cloth scratching board


  • We wish this cat cave came in more colors

Kitty City Tunnel Bed

Equal parts cozy and fun

This adorable cat bed is great for playful, active kitties.
Best Play-Inducing Design

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Not only does the plush Kitty City Tunnel Bed provide a cozy spot for snoozing, but it has a soft, structured tunnel design with entry and exit points for your cat to play around in, making it the perfect bed for small kittens or adults cats who need to burn extra energy. All cats love hiding from time to time, so your furry friend is bound to enjoy this uniquely designed bed.


  • Designed with a tunnel for your cat to play in
  • Soft padding inside makes it a cozy place to curl up
  • Comes with a hanging toy for your kitty to play with
  • Excellent value buy


  • The packaging for this cat cave needs to be improved

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know whether my cat prefers a cat cave or a cat bed?

Although both beds and caves are great, cat caves are a great source of comfort to cats. They keep your kitty warm when it’s cold out and cool when it’s hot, and they can help provide a source of calm and shelter (this is especially true if your home is busy with other pets and/or children). Also, cats can have the option of sleeping inside the cave or on top of it, which they love.

What materials should a cat cave be made of?

Look for cozy, warm, durable materials like faux-fur, faux-suede, felt, and wool.