The Best Cat Dewormers

With pet-ownership comes a certain amount of responsibility. It's not just making sure your cat has food and water, it's about making sure they're fully protected against preventable illnesses and diseases... and a cat dewormer is a part of that protection and health maintenance. Not sure where to start with the right solution for your kitty? We've got you. These are the top 5 cat dewormers that we're using and loving for our own frisky felines.

FurroLandia 8-in-1 Broad Spectrum Dewormer

An All-Around Dewormer Solution

This 8-in-1 solution works on multiple types of worms for both cats and dogs.
Best Overall

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Made from completely natural ingredients, this broad spectrum dewormer is safe and effective for your dog and cat. And while some deworming solutions work only for certain, particular types of worms, this 8-in-1 solution works on hookworms, whipworms, tapeworms, and roundworms. Coming in a 4 ounce bottle, you can use this liquid formula in water or mixed in with food, whichever ends up working best for your kitty.


  • Broad-spectrum solution for multiple types of worms.
  • Made in the USA.
  • Solution is made of high quality, all-natural ingredients that are GMO-free.


  • This formula comes with a dropper. However, the dropper does not have any dosage markings on it, making it a bit of a hassle to figure out the correct amount for dosing.

Bayer Tapeworm Dewormer for Cats

The Best in Tapeworm Tablets

Is your cat suffering from tapeworms? This specific formula works to kill off the dreaded tapeworm.
Best for Tapeworms

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This super easy, super effective tapeworm dewormer works quickly and easily to remove the common tapeworm in your kitty. Not to be used in kittens under 6 weeks old, this formula works from 6 weeks through adulthood to effectively rid your cat of a tapeworm problem. Although tablets can be a bit tricky to administer, many cat owners have found that simply crumbling this medicine into the cat’s food is an effective and easy way to administer this formula. Whatever the taste may be, cats don’t seem to mind it mixed in with food.


  • 3-count bottle.
  • This solution will rid your cat of tapeworms in one single dose.
  • Can be used in conjunction with a flea or flea and tick solution.


  • Fleas are the main source of tapeworms. If your cat is suffering from tapeworms, they’re likely also dealing with a flea issue. You’ll need a separate medication for combating a flea infestation.

NaturPet D Wormer

A Soothing, Safe Dewormer

If you'd rather avoid toxic medicines and go the herbal route to knock out a bad case of worms, this effective herbal blend is a safe and trusted blend.
Best Herbal Dewormer

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Looking for a more natural solution? This safe, soothing liquid dewormer contains a more natural ingredient list for getting rid of those nasty worms. With herbal ingredients, you can feel good about administering this medication…and also feel confident in fully ridding your feline of worms, too. Made in an easy-to-administer liquid formula, not only do these ingredients rid your cat of worms, but the medicine itself is said to soothe and heal the digestive tract in the process. We can’t think of anything better.


  • Liquid can easily be hidden in your cat’s food.
  • Relaxes Kitty’s digestive tract, soothing and easing gas pains.
  • Medication you can feel good about: 100% natural ingredients.


  • Best for use only in healthy, adult cats.

Kinpur Advanced Dewormer for Dogs and Cats

Safe, Effective, and 100% Natural

Looking for a chemical-free solution? This advanced formula works wonders using all-natural ingredients.
Best Natural Solution

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This broad-spectrum formula works safely and effectively on hookworms, whipworms, tapeworms, and roundworms. Although this is a more advanced formula, it’s safe and gentle enough to use on kittens and puppies, as well. Made in the USA in FDA-approved, GMP-certified controlled environment, you can feel good about administering this medication to your beloved pal. The liquid formula makes it a breeze for administration, as well. Our favorite way to give it to our pets? A quick and easy mix-in with wet food or a treat.

Because of the liquid solution as well as the natural, totally pet-safe ingredients, you can use this formula on kittens ranging from that 6-week mark all the way up through adulthood. The dosage amount is easy and simple to follow.


  • Contains natural ingredients, such as pumpkin seed, pomegranate seed extract, apple cider vinegar, and purified water, to name a few.
  • Won’t cause an upset stomach.
  • Immune-supportive for both dogs and cats.


  • Some pet owners have found that their pets despise the taste of this formula. It can be tricky figuring out the best way to administer it if you have a particularly picky eater.

HerbalVet Cat Intestinal Cleanse Cat Dewormer Alternative

Prevention over Infestation

Want to work on your cat's overall gut health before they have a worm problem? This dewormer alternative works to do just that.
Best for Worm Prevention

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Promoting intestinal health through a monthly cleanse is a sure-fire way to keep your feline feeling frisky and fantastic. This monthly solution works to keep your cat’s gut super healthy and free of worms. Using 100% natural and organic ingredients, you can feel really good about your cat’s health. With ingredients you can trust (and pronounce), such as black walnut, orange peel, pumpkin seeds, and wormwood, you’re kitty will love the taste of this healthy intestinal booster. The idea behind an intestinal booster is to keep your cat’s gut totally healthy.


  • May promote a healthy gut for your cat–preventing sickness or infestation prior to becoming sick in the first place.
  • Can be used monthly.
  • High quality, safe, natural ingredients.


  • It’s best to use this formula cats 6 weeks of age and older. Do not use on a kitty less than 2 pounds.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are some signs that my cat should be dewormed?

Although often cats won’t show any symptoms of needing to be dewormed, there are a few symptoms that can show up that you should pay attention to. These symptoms include (but are not limited to) a sudden increase in appetite without any additional exercising, overly cleaning or washing the area around its bottom, and what appears to look like worms or tiny white rice pieces that are present in feces or even stuck to their bottom.

How often should cats be wormed?

For adult cats, it’s a good idea to worm them four times a year, or once per season. Worming kittens happens more frequently, however. Typically, this looks like once at 2 weeks, once at 5 weeks, once at 8 weeks, and once at 12 weeks. After 12 weeks, it’s good practice to worm them once a month until they are 6 months old. After that 6 month mark, you can worm them 4 times a year. It’s best to speak with your veterinarian for the most trusted information. However, these are basic guidelines for proper deworming practices.