The Top 5 Cat Kicker Fish Toys

Are you ready to watch your cat catch a fish? Don't worry, you don't need to bring it down to the creek or even get wet to make it happen. With a fun cat kicker fish toy, your cat can have a blast with a realistic toy fish. These cat toys are perfect for biting, grabbing, and pouncing on. They'll keep your cat entertained for a long time. If you're ready for your cat to have some fishy fun, here are five of the top cat kicker fish toys so you can buy one today and let the playtime begin. Your cat thanks you.

OurPets 100-Percent Premium Cosmic Catnip Cat Toy

Relieve Boredom

Your cat won't be bored with this fun catnip filled cat kicker fish toy around.
Best Overall

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This cute blue cat fish kicker toy is stuffed with catnip for extra stimulation. There aren’t any extra fillers inside, it’s full of catnip. This is very safe for your cat to chew on and play with. The strong, enticing aroma will keep your kitty coming back time and time again. It’s a great toy to have out if you’re going to be gone for a while and you don’t want your cat to get bored. This toy is 4.5-inches wide by 1.25-inches thick by 6.5-inches long. It’s a great size for cats of all ages to play with.


  • Brightly colored
  • Full of catnip
  • Good size


  • You can’t refill the catnip so once the smell is gone, it’s gone

Potaroma 11″ Moving Cat Kicker Fish Toy

USB Chargeable

Simply plug this cat fish kicker toy in to charge and you won't have to worry about replacing batteries.
Best Materials

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Your cat will go bananas over this moving cat kicker fish toy. There’s a built-in motion sensor, so whenever your cat touches it or gets close enough it starts moving. This kicker toy wiggles and squirms like a real fish. The motion encourages your cat to pounce and kick, which helps alleviate boredom. It’s simple to charge this toy with the included USB cable. Since it’s chargeable, you won’t have to keep buying batteries. If the toy gets dirty, you can remove the motor and clean the plush toy without causing any damage. This toy is made from non-toxic materials. It’s made from a durable cotton plush, and is infused with catnip.


  • Moves like a real fish
  • No batteries to replace, simply charge it with the USB port
  • Made from non-toxic materials


  • You have to remember to charge it

Beewarm Electric Flopping Cat Kicker Fish Toy

Four Different Types of Fish

Give your cat some variety during playtime with this fun cat fish kicker toy.
Most Variety

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With four different types of cat fish kicker toys to choose from, you can pick the one you think your cat will like best. Or if you can’t pick just one, order a couple to add variety to your kitty’s play time. The fish are each a different color and shape, and look realistic. You can select from the koi, catfish,  salmon, or silver arowana. These toys are made from cotton and short plush. There are no chemicals or other hazardous materials inside the fish. When you turn this toy on, it will flop or wag on its own. This movement stimulates your cat’s brain and encourages it to pounce. When the toy stops working, you can easily charge it again with the USB cable. There’s an on and off switch on the side of the fish, so you can shut it off when your cat isn’t using it.


  • Four kinds of fish to choose from
  • On and off switch on the fish
  • No chemical fillers


  • You need to remove a sensor that’s on the fish before it’ll move on its own

SmartyKat Catnip Cat Toys

Inexpensive Cat Fish Kicker Toy

You get three small fish toys for one great price.
Best on a Budget

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You don’t have to spend a ton of money on toys for your cat. For one great price, you get three small cat fish kicker toys that will keep your cat busy. Each fish is filled with catnip. The catnip has been produced without chemicals or pesticides so it’s safe for your cat. The fish is crinkly, so it makes noise as your cat plays. The head and tail are made out of a colorful material, and contrast nicely against the fish’s body.


  • Inexpensive
  • Set of three fish toys
  • Filled with catnip that is grown without chemicals


  • Some cats don’t like crinkly fabric

Senneny Electric Moving Fish Cat Toy

It Looks Like a Real Fish

Your cat will enjoy playing with this realistic cat fish kicker toy.
Most Realistic

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When your cat touches this cat fish kicker toy, the toy swings and makes a sound. It moves like a real fish. And it looks like one too. This has been created with a 3D printing process. It’s made from a good quality plush fabric. Inside, it’s stuffed with cotton and organically-grown catnip. The catnip will encourage your cat to keep playing and burning off energy. When the catnip stops smelling, you can replace it. Your cat will appreciate the size of this toy. It’s 11-inches long and 5-inches wide. This cat fish kicker toy charges via USB so you can quickly charge it for the next playtime. You cannot turn the sound off, but it doesn’t run for long at a time. If your cat doesn’t touch it, it will stop until the next time.


  • Large size (11-inches long)
  • Looks realistic
  • Built in touch sensor so it knows when your cat is playing


  • You can’t shut off the sound and it can be really annoying

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a kicker toy?

A cat kicker toy is a toy that encourages your cat to use their natural hunting instincts. As they play, they will move their body in such a way that it resembles going hunting. This includes kicking with the back legs and pouncing. Cat kicker toys come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Fish are very popular shapes, as are tubes.

Can I leave my cat alone with a cat fish kicker toy?

Some cat toys are meant to be used independently. You can let your cat have access to those toys when you aren’t home. This can help alleviate boredom and keep your cat from destroying your house. However, cats have the ability to rip the kicker toy to smithereens and ingest the pieces. If your cat is rough on toys, you may want to only provide supervised access to the fish. That way you can quickly pick up any pieces and keep your cat from eating the catnip or whatever filling is inside.

How can I clean a cat fish kicker toy?

Cat toys tend to get dirty after a few play sessions. For hygienic purposes, you want to regularly clean your cat’s toys. If your fish kicker toy has a motor, you can’t get it wet. If it is removable, take it out before you clean it. You can’t remove the motor in some toys, so if you can’t, you need to be very careful and just give the toy a wipe down with a damp cloth. Let the toy dry before your cat plays with it again.