The Top 5 Cat Toys

When your cat plays, they get to practice their natural instincts such as stalking and pouncing. Playtime with cat toys give cats the opportunity to be active. And if you play with your cat, it's a great way to bond with your pet. To help you prepare for an amazing feline play experience, here are reviews for five of the top cat toys.

Petstages Catnip & Dental Health Cat Toys

Adorable Dental Catnip Toy

This cute cat toy helps keep your cat's teeth clean and is available in several fun shapes.
Best Overall

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Is your cat a chewer? To encourage them not to chew random cords or other objects around your house, give them one of these fun toys to chew on. In addition to being fun, it also helps with oral hygiene. This cute cat toy helps to keep your cat’s teeth clean. The mesh material acts like floss. You can select between several cute shapes, including an avocado and a banana. No matter which shape you get, this lightweight toy is perfect for your cat to bat and toss. They’ll be able to really practice their pouncing when you give them this toy. The toy is stuffed with catnip, which helps provide energy. It’s a great way to minimize boredom for your cat.


  • Helps keep your cat’s teeth clean
  • So many fun shapes to select from
  • Contains catnip for energizing play


  • An aggressive chewer can destroy this toy fairly quickly

Youngever 24 Cat Toys Kitten Toys Assortments

Over 20 Cat Toys

Playtime with your cat will never be boring with this set of assorted cat toys.
Best Variety Set

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Take your cat’s playtime from boring to delightful with this set of 24 cat toys. It has everything you need to keep your cat busy for hours. This set provides a great way to keep your cat engaged when you are away. It’s also perfect for interactive playtime between the two of you. In this bundle, you will find a collapsible cat tunnel, a cat teaser wand, toy mice, and lots more. With this many toys, you can set some aside and rotate through them to keep playtime fresh. Even if your cat doesn’t like some of the toys, you can’t beat the price for a great collection.


  • Fun variety
  • Comes with a tunnel and teaser wand (and much, much more)
  • Great price


  • There will likely be some toys that your cat doesn’t enjoy

EcoCity Cat Toys – Feather Cat Teaser Toys

Cat Wand Set

You get four feather refills to ensure you and your cat can play with this toy for a long time.
Best Wand Toy

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Cat wand toys are such a fun way for you and your cat to play together. You can clip the feather end on and tease your cat with it over and over again. If the feather gets damaged, you can simply discard the end and replace it with one of the refills this set comes with. Eventually, you may need to buy new refills, but the wand part is very durable. You can extend the wand up to 38 inches long. The wand and feathers are all made from non-toxic material. They are eco-friendly.


  • Replaceable feather ends
  • Wand extends up to 38-inches
  • Durable construction for the wand


  • It can be tricky to get the new refill feathers on the wand, but it will get easier with practice

Hartz Just For Cats Cat Toy : Gator Scratch 

A Safe Place for Your Cat to Scratch

This alligator shaped toy features a scratch pad for your cat to use.
Best with a Scratching Pad

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Are you tired of your cat scratching on your furniture or doorpost? This fun alligator shaped toy gives them a safe place for positive scratching. You can hang it up, or let it lay flat on the ground. The head of the alligator is very soft, and many cats enjoy nuzzling with it. This versatile cat toy has a catnip ball for your cat to swat. The ball has enticing feathers that encourage your cat to pounce. The alligator toy measures 20-inches in length. It makes a crinkly noise as your cat plays.


  • Has a scratching pad
  • Includes an attached catnip ball
  • Can hang it up or let it be flat on the ground


  • Some cats won’t take to the scratching pad right away

Upsky Cat Toy Roller Cat Toys 3 Level Towers Tracks Roller

3 Level Tower

Your cat will enjoy interacting with this sturdy cat toy even when you're too busy to play.
Best Boredom Buster

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Are you looking for a fun toy to help keep your cat entertained while you’re busy and can’t play? Try this one. The sturdy tower is made from an ultra-strong material that can withstand loads of play. The base has pads to keep it from slipping. Assembling this toy is simple, and once it’s set up, your cat will have three different layers to play with the enticing spinning balls. The top layer features an adorable cartoon head that you can stick eye stickers onto. Balls roll easily along the glossy track. These balls fit tightly in, so you don’t have to worry about them popping out for you to try to find. They stay in place. The tower has a low center of gravity to help prevent tipping.


  • Encourages your cat to play on their own
  • Base pads to keep it in place
  • Balls don’t pop out easily


  • The balls don’t jingle, so they don’t add that extra element of surprise for cats

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I be sure cat toys are safe for my cats?

All cats are different. So what one cat will be fine with, another may destroy and eat. You know your cat best. Talk to your vet about the toys that would be appropriate for your cat. Always introduce a new toy to your cat when you are going to be there. That way if anything goes wrong, you are there to see it. If you notice your cat trying to get off some wiggly eyes or something, remove them. Adapting the toy can provide a safe solution. Finally, make sure you regularly inspect your cat’s toys. You want to remove any that are damaged, to help keep your cat safe.

Should I clean my cat’s toys

Cat toys can get grungy. It’s a good idea to clean them if possible. Hard plastic toys can be wiped clean. You can wash some plush toys in the washing machine, though it’s best to air dry them instead of using the dryer. Many toys are inexpensive enough that you can replace them when they start to look gross. This is a good solution for toys you can’t easily clean, such as those filled with catnip. The catnip can get wet during the cleaning process, and begin to grow mold. You don’t want that.

How do cats react to catnip?

There isn’t a “standard” response to catnip. Some cats feel the effects of this plant, and others don’t appear to. You may notice your cat seems to go crazy after playing with a catnip toy. It can provide an energy burst. Other cats have the opposite reaction, and get calm after catnip. You will have to see what your cat does with catnip.